ß Game Frame è Download by ↠´ Aaron Dignan

ß Game Frame è Download by ↠´ Aaron Dignan Insightful and a bit disturbing, Dignan talks about developing games for behavior modification Even if the purpose is to do good, I m not sure I agree with it Employers using games to modify their employee s behavior, sounds a bit Draconian On the other hand the information the book contains on technology, and game development I found helpful This book definitely gives you something to think about.
I read this book years ago My idols for game based learning are Aaron Dignan and Jane McGonigal I recently have been in contact with Jane on my research getting kids to critically think through a challenge mindset with her book Superbetter.
I am teaching kids on STEM STEAM right now and my student tells me my parents grounded me from technology , I am all all technology they tell me yes and I am bored I go don t tell me these things , book report time and gave him my copy of Game Frame along with a pocket dictionary to look up words he doesn t understand Ironically, I hadn t looked at this book in a while, we flip to chapter 1 and the first two words We re bored Great teaching moment Love this book and love that I get to get kids to read it, when you have a student who has already made over 100 video games through Scratch and they can t use technology and that s all they know, hard copy learning book on things they can relate to with chapter titles like leveling up in a video game Ever Wonder Why Teens Can Spend Entire Weekends Playing Video Games But Struggle With Just One Hour Of Homework Why We Re Addicted To Certain Websites And Steal Glances At Our Smartphones Under The Dinner Table Or Why Some People Are Able To Find Joy In Difficult Or Repetitive Jobs While Others Burn Out It S Not The Experiences Themselves But The Way They Re Structured That Matters All Our Lives We Ve Been Told That Games Are Distractions Playful Pastimes, But Unrelated To Success In Game Frame, Aaron Dignan Shows Us That The Opposite Is True Games Produce Peak Learning Conditions And Accelerated Achievement Here, The Crucial Connection Between The Games We Love To Play And The Everyday Tasks, Goals, And Dreams We Have Trouble Realizing Is Illuminated Aaron Dignan Is The Thirty Something Founder Of A Successful Digital Strategy Firm That Studies The Transformative Power Of Technology In Culture He And His Peers Were Raised On A Steady Diet Of Games And Gadgets, Ultimately Priming Them To Challenge The Status Quo Of The Modern Workplace What They Learned From Games Goes Deeper Than Hand Eye Coordination Instead, This Generation Intrinsically Understands The Value Of Adding The Elements Of Games Into Everyday Life Game Frame Is The First Prescriptive Explanation Of What Games Mean To Us, The Human Psychology Behind Their Magnetic Pull, And How We Can Use The Lessons They Teach As A Framework To Achieve Our Potential In Business And Beyond Games Are A Powerful Way To Influence And Change Behavior In Any Setting Here, Dignan Outlines Why Games And Play Are Such Important Trends In Culture Today, And How Our Technology, From Our IPhones To Our Hybrid Cars, Primes Us To Be Instinctive Players Game Frame Tackles The Challenging Task Of Defining Games And The Mechanics That Make Games Work From Several Perspectives, Then Explores These Ideas Through The Lens Of Neuroscience Finally, Dignan Provides Practical Tips For Using Basic Game Mechanics In A Variety Of Settings, Such As Motivating Employees At Work Or Encouraging Children At Home, Giving Readers The Tools To Develop Their Own Games To Solve Problems In Their Everyday Lives Illuminated Throughout With A Series Of Real World Examples And Hypothetical Scenarios, Game Frame Promises A Crash Course In Game Design And Behavioral Psychology That Will Leave The Reader And, By Extension, The World Itself Productive Revolutionary, Visionary, Practical, And Time Tested, Game Frame Will Change The Way You Approach Life Una obra maestra El mejor libro que he le do en mi vida sobre el universo l dico.
A particularly great book for those new to gamification I give it 4 stars based on that, mindful that I ve read many of the sources Dignan is using and so I felt like I was having a conversation with someone who s agenda was mine and where I was mostly nodding my head saying yes and indeed and ooh, I hadn t thought of that There s good stuff in here for educators and as someone deeply interested in the gamified classroom, I took great comfort in the chapters on the Game Frame from which the book takes its title His suggestions were helpful and I will be integrating them into my classroom teaching.
This is another interesting book that focuses on gaming and gamification of the real world Game Frame Using games as strategy for success is written by Aaron Dignan, the founder of Undercurrent, a digital strategy firm.
Game Frame is a 203 page book packed with useful information about games and gamification Dignan spreads his observations across ten chapters or levels, a back story, and an appendix In my opinion, levels eight and nine are the most powerful pieces of the book This is where Dignan introduces the idea of the Game Frame and how to implement it to improve skill performance read This book is similar to Reality is Broken by Jane McGonical, and Dignan references her several times, although this book is a bit structured He gives a bit of information about the history background of games and then gives a step by step way of developing a behavioral game, complete with numerous examples It was a pretty quick read and, I think, really useful I can definitely use some of his strategies in teaching and I m pretty sure these ideas could be implemented in lots of places.

Covers a lot of the same ground as Reality is Broken, but does it with a practical and less messianic viewpoint I think it helps that the author is an entrepreneur, not a game designer, and is interested in the practical applications of game design than in declaring its place in the world Dignan reminded me of the importance of looping action and feedback, and gave me a couple of good ideas one of which was for a game that might interest the picky little eater at our dinner table This book is a decent beginner book on how gaming can work to motivate people I borrowed it specifically for work to learn about gamification I ve read other reviews where it said this book was just so so I found it to be a good foundation for me since I know nothing about this type of learning style Chapter eight and nine were the best chapters for me It was practical on how to design your game and what are the good game mechanics and dynamics Mr Dignan writes in a very easy manner to understand Most of the book is his theories and anecdotes mixed in with some real world cases This helped make the book a very easy read and convey the concepts in a quick manner There were many different existing real world games I had no idea about and now I m interested in looking into joining The two concepts I want to remember and discuss with my work team are Lack of Volition and lack of faculty basically no motivation and no skill set I m not sure how gamification can work in the business environment I m in, but I m game to brainstorm and explore it We need to have some improvement on both motivation and skill set This book is recommended for people just starting to learn about gamification.
This is a crash course in the video game conversation going on in both the academy and industry Start here if names like Bogost, McGonigal or Juul are unfamiliar to you This would make a great primer for an intro class on the subject of games.
Having said that, if you are familiar with the existing academic dialogue, this will feel really tedious almost plagiarized the author does a good job of recognizing sources, but it often feels like a cobbled together student paper The writing falls apart in some spots, with the various sections coming across as super choppy some are one paragraph and some run on for pages That means the linear thread of a particular chapter can be hard to follow if you have not read additional material on games.