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[Sinclair MacLeod] ☆ The Good Girl [khartoum PDF] Ebook Epub Download º really enjoyed this think Taggart or Rebus true portrayal of the seedy underworld of crime and human trafficking I ve become a bit of a fan of Mr Macleod since discovering Soul Seeker a while back I ve just finished Inheritance and moved on to The Good Girl almost immediately.
I like the traces of humour in the writing here, and the main character is certainly engaging enough to revisit A bit like Raymond Chandler in present day St Andrews.
Great story, well written and with an exciting ending.
Craig Campbell Leaves His Native City To Investigate The Disappearance Of A Young Woman From St Andrews Initially, It Appears To Be A Simple Case Of A Girl Running To Begin A New Life But It Soon Becomes Apparent That There Are Ominous UndertonesWhen A Woman S Body Is Found On A Nearby Beach The Case Takes An Even Darker Turn Craig Focuses His Attention On The Seedy World Of Escorts And Their Clients A Pimp With A Violent History And A Number Of Witnesses With Their Own Secrets To Protect Block His InvestigationHe Finally Breaks Through The Wall Of Lies And Discovers A Gruesome Truth That Leads To A Dramatic And Explosive Climax This is the second book in the reluctant detective series with insurance investigator Craig Campbell again finding himself caught up in a mystery This time he s called in to look for a missing girl, a migrant worker with few friends who seems to have links to the seedier side of life despite all accounts suggesting her to be a good girl Excellent secondary story with Craig s Mum popping up as a lovely supporting character, with a wee cup of tea.
Highly recommend to anyone who grew up watching Taggart.
The plot is really good Worryingly reminiscent of the first Rebus book He still like coffee, although that has been an improvement Nearly gave it only 2 stars but realised I wanted to read the next one.
I received a free copy of this book from It has been a while since I read a good mystery, and while I like the Scots, I think at times I skipped over parts it was too much trouble to follow the conversation So at the end, I don t know if the surprise was my own fault or if the author was pretty good Another thoroughly enjoyable read, again or less done in one sitting Well plotted and with a nice mix of low and not so low life in it.

Fast read, enjoyable Love the Scottishness of it all.
apart from wishing a good kicking on the racist misogynist i couldn t engage with this, and struggled to get to the end, other than wishing the guy a good kicking haha.
Free Kindle download Love the setting Scotland and the working in of terms I m unfamiliar with into the narrative Love the fact kindle lets me look up new terms and learn the meaning The Reluctant Detective isn t really that reluctant, it seems Appears he has a subconscious wish to be a detective JMO Well crafted, well thought out, I d have yelled at him too if I were his Mum or girlfriend I don t quite see the Ducati, but it s such a common attribute in action stories that its unsurprising to see it there.
Good hiding of the guilty party this author took me to nearly the end of the book before I was able to put two and two together I still find one of the characters revolting, despite being an innocent party So he did a good job of character development Very enjoyable mystery Look forward to exploring this author s other offerings.