Download Epub Format ✓ Daddys Little Matchmakers (Second Time Around #1) PDF by ☆ Kathleen Y'Barbo

Download Epub Format ✓ Daddys Little Matchmakers (Second Time Around #1) PDF by ☆ Kathleen Y'Barbo Veterinarian Eric Wilson is confounded by the classified ad his three young daughters have placed The handsome widower is not in the market for a bride But when the story of his little matchmakers hits the papers, would be brides start swamping his waiting room Despite them all, Eric finds himself drawn to the temp worker at the classifieds office adorable free spirit Amy Spencer I found this to be an enjoyable story, filled with humor and romance I could actually envision these adorable little girls and found the book difficult to put down Add a mischevious, meddlesome grandmother and you had the making of a wonderful romance Congratulations to Kathleen Y Barbo on a great Love Inspired read A book full of laughter and tears Veterianarian Eric Wilson has returned to Vine Beach to take over the veteriarian clinic, while his mother can do daycare and babysitting for his three young daughters His daughters think three years is long enough after the death of their mother for their father to provide a new mother for them With the encouragement of their grandmother, they place a classified ad in the local newspaper.
Amy Spencer has returned to Vine Beach to take care of her grandmother, but now that her grandmother has moved into assisted living, she is taking temporary jobs while looking for her next full time position She loves Vine Beach, but has put it in God s hands where her next move with lead Amy is temporarially at the classified desk when Eric s daughter call with the ad There is a crash in the background, then the phone hangs up Fearing their grandmother is in need of medical attention, Amy races to their house Everything is fine It was just an active dog and three lively young girls Amy charms the girls and grandmother, as she helps them write the ad for a wife for their dad The ad leads to a feature story that hits the national wire service, and tons of single women with new pets for the widowed vet A charming story with tons of heart as each seeks God s sign for their future move.
Wanted Wife And MotherVeterinarian Eric Wilson Is Confounded By The Classified Ad His Three Young Daughters Have Placed The Handsome Widower Is Not In The Market For A Bride But When The Story Of His Little Matchmakers Hits The Papers, Would Be Brides Start Swamping His Waiting Room Despite Them All, Eric Finds Himself Drawn To The Temp Worker At The Classifieds Office Adorable Free Spirit Amy Spencer Amy S Been Running For A While, And It S Time She Planted Roots Together, Can Amy And Eric Realize That Trusting In God S Plan Is The Sweetest Surrender Of All this was such a wonderful read i really liked i couldnt put it down Title DADDY S LITTLE MATCHMAKERSAuthor Kathleen Y BarboPublisher Love InspiredJanuary 2012ISBN 978 0 37387717 1Genre Inspirational contemporary romanceVeterinarian Eric Wilson is stunned when his three daughters take finding a new mom into their own hands by placing a classified ad in the town newspaper He s even upset when he learns that his mother was in on the scheme Amy Spencer takes the call, since she works temporary at the newspaper office She s charmed by the three young girls and their grandmother, whom she meets when she hears something break and then silence Afraid someone was hurt, she leaves her job and races to the house where she finds nothing than a mischievous dog, the adorable girls, and the sweetest grandmother But the ad turns into than an ad, instead it is front page news when the town reporter hears the story Eric is not so happy when his story hits the front page news, and even less thrilled when his struggling veterinarian practice suddenly is at capacity with single women without pets Not knowing how to handle it, but blaming Amy, Eric goes to offer her a job She accepts, at least until she leaves town, but is she really going anywhere And if she is, will Eric let her DADDY S LITTLE MATCHMAKERS is a charming romance filled with delightful little girls, quirky characters and a romance that will make your knees weak Amy is a sweetheart, kind and considerate, though far from perfect, and Eric, in contrast, was irritable and cranky, not at all the stuff of your normal romance Still, I couldn t help but fall in love with him This was a very sweet romance that you needn t be ashamed to share with your teenaged daughter or your grandmother, yet there s enough sparks to satisfy anyone If you are looking for a great beach read, then DADDY S LITTLE MATCHMAKERS is a book you ll want to consider Discussion questions are included at the end 5.
75 217 pages.
really cute 2.
55 stars rated pg very mild pg13The cover is adorable and it fits the story perfectly I love the Gulf Coast setting, one of my favorite places in this world The characters in this book were lovely, especially the little girls There was a good faith thread throughout and some great messages Lovely romance and some humor So much about this cute book that I could have loved, BUT The contrived or first book type writing style and major lack of attention to making all the details fit drove me bonkers Beyond bonkers There were parts that were just odd or mildly jarring, I kept shaking my head and thinking huh, that doesn t make sense And don t get me started on the spelling editing issues This story had such potential, but it just fell short for me Because of the cute girls and the good faith message, I m giving it 3 stars but that s really being generous I have friends who have enjoyed this author s other books, so I suppose I ll try another I have Firefly Summer in my kindle it looks like it could be good, but I m a bit hesitant now.

Cute premise to the book Widower and vet Eric Wilson s three daughters and his momma decide that he has grieved his wife long enough, so they make a call to the local paper to place an ad for a wife If the book was just about all the single read desperate women that flood his vet s office some without a pet in sight it would not have been as enjoyable Luckily for the reader, that is NOT what this book is about Instead, the good doctor is drawn to the woman who takes the classified ad and sparks the newspaper article about his daughters matchmaking attempts From that point on, it is your typical boy meets girl, boy and girl like each other but don t know how to express their feelings to each other, something happens and they come to their senses before riding off into the sunset love story Brain candy, but enjoyable.
This was a cute story I loved the three little girls The romance moved way to fast, as is common for these short stories But the writing was good I will definitely check out of Ms Y Barbo s books.
Eric Wilson, the new town Vet, now needs temp help due to his daughter s ad for a wife Amy Spencer was the temp that took the Ad info, with Eric mother s approval.