ë A Regency Christmas Carol ï Download by ☆ Christine Merrill

ë A Regency Christmas Carol ï Download by ☆ Christine Merrill I loved Christine Merrill s take on A Christmas Carol in this wonderful Regency romance This was such an enjoyable holiday read Barbara je otravn hrdinka Inspirace V no n koledou m bavila, ale ekala bych n jakou romantiku.
s 81,83 Odehr v se v roce 1811, kdy je Josephovi 25 let.
V roce 1800 byl Joseph mal chlapec Jeho otec je te skoro 7 let mrtv , ale d ky Josephovi um el v teple a pohodl v posteli, kterou mu koupil.
Tak e Joseph zbohatl mezi sv m trn ct m a osmn ct m rokem e by s 120 maminka j u sta ila nakouknout do n kupn ho ko ku To m l b t d reks 115 obr tila se nejprve ke ko ku na it , aby schovala d rek ur en maminceKrajku A tal e.
A na s 139 je to u zase ko k na it Ale ko k jako ko k.
s 2 popisuje pravou v no n atmosf ru p ed v ce ne sto letyOrigin l vy el v roce 2011, tak e to m me 200 let Ale co u.
uvozovky s 123 Very good book Joseph was definitely a Scrooge like character at the beginning, being solely focused on his business and what needed to be done to make it richer Barbara was a compassionate woman, who understood what the people of the town were going through She tried to explain it to him, but he didn t want to listen He was physically attracted to her, though, and considered following up with that Then he was visited by three Christmas ghosts, and began to see how he must change I liked the way that Barbara began to see that there was good in Joseph, that he just didn t know what to do about it I also liked the way that Joseph finally saw the light, and how he turned over his new leaf.
I loved both A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens and North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell so I looked forward to reading this book I wasn t disappointed I really enjoyed Christine Merrill s take on the two books and thought she handled it really well A Regency Christmas Carol is heart warming and romantic, and leaves you filled with holiday cheer I recommend it to all Regency romance lovers Virgin Unwrapped also by Christine Merrill is a companion novella to this book.
The small town of Fiddleton is feeling the greed of employers at their small mill when Joseph Stratford buys the Clairemont Mansion and builds his own mill on the village greens, the residents are even hostile and angrier Joseph is a hard man He is also trying to wedge his way into the ton The Claremonts want their mansion back and are willing to match their daughter in marriage to Joseph to get to move back to their home Enter Barbara Lampett whom father is not quite right in the head due to an accident and to whom Joseph feels a decided attraction.
Then the spirits appear after the theme of The Christmas Carol They don t come all in one night though They appear on different nights confusing Joseph while he in the meantime falls further in love with Barbara and Anne in turn is in love with someone else also This is a delightful mix of Charles Dicken s A Christmas Carol and Elizabeth Gaskell s North and South all rolled into one wonderful fantasy holiday read.
Picture Richard Armitage from the BBC series of North and South 2004 and you have the hero Joseph Stratford He makes quite an entrance at a gathering of some of the villagers who are grumbling about the mill that is about to open A mill owned and operated by Joseph One of his vocal critics is Bernard Lampett, who holds protests in the village square voicing his concerns over the new mill His daughter Barbara is in the square as she worries over her father who has episodes of confusion.
It is here Barbara gets her first glimpse of Joseph Stratford He is commanding, handsome and arrogant So much so Barbara speaks out and accuses him of having clockworks instead of a heart Joseph is a Regency Scrooge, out for profit not caring the affects on his fellow man or any carnage he leaves in his wake While is he intrigued and attracted to the lovely Barbara, he is determined to plow ahead with his scheme of marrying the prominent daughter Anne Clairemont to achieve his goals.
Joseph is visited by the ghost of his father who warns of impending visits from three other spirits Joseph is interested in buying and selling, not the craft or the workers.
His father explains while Joseph has invented a new loom for weaving, he has lost sight of a meaningful future Joseph scoffs this visit as a nightmare of epic proportions.
Barbara is a lovely heroine She is not afraid to stand up for what she thinks and speaks her mind and voice her feelings Joseph finds this very appealing as his possible future bride to be Anna is too quiet and pliable As they run into each other a few times, the attraction is obvious between Barbara and Joseph He begins to scheme on how he can use Barbara to silence her outspoken father, and set her up as his mistress as well.
The story kicks into Scrooge gear when between the flirtations with Barbara he is indeed visited from three spirits The first is from his past, the second the present, the third, his future I found the future visit particularly poignant Christine Merrill hits all the right notes emotionally and dramatically with this bleak vision of Joseph s future, of which I will give nothing away.
In between his visits from the present and the future, Barbara attends Joseph s big Christmas house party, where he pulls out all the stops to ensnare and impress rich investors from London Joseph is drawn to Barbara and pays a late night visit to her room where passion ignites and Barbara tells him she loves him She believes under all that cold business like demeanor is a decent, loving man Is she correct in her assumption You can guess the ending, and it parallels Dicken s tale wonderfully Heartwarming and bursting with holiday good cheer with a crackling romance thrown in for good measure, you will thoroughly enjoy A Regency Christmas Carol.
Born Into Poverty, Joseph Stratford S Clever Mind Has Made Him A Rich Mill Owner, But He Has Earned Himself A Wicked Reputation Among The Villagers Of Fiddleton Only Firebrand Barbara Lampett Can See Beyond The Cold Heart Of This Gentleman In DisguiseWhen Visited By Ghosts Of Christmas Past, Present And Future Joseph Is Brought Down To Earth With Three Thumps But As The Clock Strikes Midnight On Christmas Eve, Has Joseph Left It Too Late To Claim The Beautiful Barbara And Enjoy Learning The Most Delicious Christmas Lesson Of All Born into poverty, Joseph Stratford s clever mind has made him a rich mill owner, but he has earned himself a wicked reputation among the villagers of Fiddleton Only firebrand Barbara Lampett can see beyond the cold heart of this gentleman in disguise.
When visited by ghosts of Christmas past, present and future Joseph is brought down to earth with three thumps But as the clock strikes midnight on Christmas Eve, has Joseph left it too late to claim the beautiful Barbara and enjoy learning the most delicious Christmas lesson of all This book mixes Dickens A Christmas Carol with Elizabeth Gaskell s North and South, and she does it very well It is worth the read.
This book broke my reader s block I had no idea what to read and I was struggling to think of something to read, then I visualized the girl in the green dress a romance novel cover, that was in my book collection I found it and it was this book I ended up staying awake until 3am reading this book, I did not want to put it down I cried so much in this book, but it was not bad It took me a few chapters to get the Christmas Carol nitch lol I had a blond moment , but I loved it The ghosts were perfect in ever way, the love, the tension I loved this book so much I really enjoyed this book Joseph was truly an ass to start with, but he was supposed to be I enjoyed the similarities to the Christmas Carol story, but I really think Joseph s ghosts were a bit on the mark I would have loved to see the cavalier that came to him I was despairing of him having the courage to do the right thing at the end, but he did have a change of heart Excellent Christmas read.