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[ Pdf Mystery at Olympia ✓ woodwork PDF ] by John Rhode ¸ Published by Collins The Crime Club in 1935.
I will put the book taster at the bottom of this review.

Rhode again bumps off a rich middle aged bachelor (Nigel Pershore)this is his favourite target from the John Rhode/Miles Burton novels I have read.
This time Rhode has the Motor Show as the setting for the murder.
He complicates the story by the post mortem revealing that the body had a small amount of both arsenic & carbon monoxide poisoning as well as gun shot in his legsnone of which killed himand the doctors have to opt for Syncope as the cause of death.
Inspector Hanslet meanwhile is introduced to the case through a non fatal poisoning of a servant at Mr Pershore's house.
Professor Priestley also gets wind of Mr Pershore's death through his friend Dr Oldfield who is at the Motor show when Pershore collapses and dies.
As is normalPriestley is Hanslet's sounding board and regulator and steers him from making illogical decisions which are usually based on motive and opportunity of the main suspect.
The book concentrates on 10 characters all of which could have murdered Mr Pershore either alone or in conjunction with another character.
What is unlikely however in this novel is the fact that 4 different attempts to kill Mr Pershore happened within days of one another.
It also becomes apparent to a seasoned classical crime reader that the author in the last 75 pages could actually have chosen any one of the characters as the murderer and found a suitable motiveand Rhode used the least likely suspect for his culprit (like many of Agatha Christies novels) which is a sign of a lazy author or one that wants/needs to move onto their next book.
I will have to say that Rhode novels are generally enjoyable reads which have inventive ways to kill off rich bachelor uncles (poor bunnies) and often have interesting settings and never tax the brain (we all need our brains stroked sometimes).
This does lead one to the factthat most of his novels are of the mediocre to just above mediocre level and only occasionally does he produce a good to very good novel (but never excellent).
This novel I would classify as above mediocre level and would give the book 6.
5 out of 10.

Book taster taken from the first edition of this novel.

A dense crowd surrounded the new Comet car that was fully expected to be the sensation of the great Motor Show at Olympia.
Suddenly one of the eager spectators, an elderly man, lurched forward and collapsed in what appeared to be a dead faint on the ground.
But Nigel Pershore was dead, and it was his death that provided the real sensation of the show.
A postmortem examination revealed no visible wound, no serious organic disorder, no evidence of poison.
Doctors and detectives were equally baffled.
Every chapter unfolds a new aspect of an apparently insoluble puzzle.
Then a fortunate discovery opens the way for Dr.
Priestley's unrivalled deductions and a solution of the mystery that brings to a close a really brilliant story.
Quite interesting.
There were many legitimate clues to follow.
My problem with the book was that it was written in British English which was distracting for me.
I would read more of this author's works/

This had a quite interesting idea of several attempts at murder on one character over a few days, but with the prospective victim apparently meeting a natural end.

How many potential murderers were there? Was the death 'natural"? Is it all a matter of "cui bono"? Is it all down to that favourite '30s suspect, the residuary legatee?

Superintendent Hanslet jumps to lots of conclusions about the case, before Dr Priestley ferrets out the rather mundane motive.

However, I did enjoy the investigation and some of the characters such as the bibulous Odin Hardisen.
The rather rushed and melodramatic ending is a bit of a let down but overall this was quite fun.

5 stars.
My second John Rhode crime fiction book and it's massive improvement on the Paddington Mystery.
Murder at the Olympia fits more comfortably as a cozy mystery rather than a gripping crime thriller.
The murder of Nahum Pershore takes place at the Car Show at the Olympia and followed quickly after is the poisoning of his maid on the same day.
Much of the investigation is done by Superintendent Hanslet, who as plenty of suspects to play with.
Dr Priestly only really appears towards the end of the book and his conclussion is far from left field that it's leaves the reader slightly cheated.
Maddening that this is “Death at the Motor Show” under a different name and that Amazon let me buy it despite my buying the above a couple of years ago as an Amazon kindle edition.
Solid entertaining entry from Rhode into the Priestley canon.
Full review at classicmystery.
com I adored all the period details and the background of the Motor Show which was very new to me, and I enjoyed guessing how the victim died, who did it and why.
Very cosy and absorbing.
By this author's standards this is a very poor effort.
Not one of his best by any means.
Very little about this story is believable at all.
Can't really say more without spoiling.
Most disappointing.
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