µ Colour: Why the World Isn't Grey Á Download by ð Hazel Rossotti

µ Colour: Why the World Isn't Grey Á Download by ð Hazel Rossotti Why Do Pebbles Look Brighter When Wet Is There A Right Order In Which To Arrange A Set Of Colored Crayons Are Blue Rooms Really Cold Why Do Some Clothes Change Color When Ironed What Are The Colors You See When You Press Your Eyes To Answer These And Other Questions, Hazel Rossotti Uses Scientific Basics Matter, Energy, And Eye Structure To Discuss The Colors Of The Natural World, The Mechanism Of Color Vision, And A Range Of Color Technology From Ceramics To Television She Includes A Fascinating Discussion Of The Uses Of Color, Both Prosaic As For Camouflage, Signaling, And Symbolism And Poetic For Conveying Mood In Art And Language Dealing With Subjects From Refraction To Rainbows, Chlorophyll To Color Blindness, This Book Will Appeal Both To The General Reader And To The Scientist Fantastic science of colour explained I learned so much from this book

I learned at least two interesting things from this book One was the reason that kittens have blue eyes that later turn green or gold In the eye are tiny white particles on a background of melanin The tiny particles scatter high frequency blue light effectively than other wavelengths, so we see blue in the eye As the cat ages, a layer of yellowish carotenoids forms over the particles, making the eyes appear green and eventually golden.
Secondly, when we look at a strongly colored object for a time and then look away, we often see an after image of the object in a complementary color Surgeons scrubs are typically blue green so that they will be less distracted by blue green after images of bright red blood This book had information about all aspects of color, from the Newtonian optics of mixing different lights, to painting with colored pigments, to color theory and color matching, to the words we use for colors Some chapters were brief while others were very detailed My only complaint is that, in a book about color, it would seem reasonable to expect the illustrations to be done in color Instead, all of the illustrations are black and white drawings.
an explanation of all kinds of color related phenomena this gave me tons of ideas for teaching color and light which are among my favorite things to teach.