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[Jo Leigh] Æ A Dash of Temptation [thriller PDF] Ebook Epub Download à WOW, WOW, WOWyou have to read this story good i love it, it is what a modern romance is suppose to be.
you the readers who have not read this will not be disappointed Aunque el libro sigue la f rmula de la colecci n sin aportar nada m s, resulta bueno por el car cter de los protagonistas Sin exageraciones, los dos suenan humanos y podr an ser tus vecinos Algunas escenas divertidas y coherencia de hechos y pensamientos Result en un rato entretenido en una siesta de vacaciones.
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Dash has never experienced a woman like Tess in his life Hotsweetsinful, she occupies his bed and his mind day after day She s a welcome distraction in the New York frenzy that he calls home For Tess, he knows he s just a man to do.
Not a man to marry.
But sometimes sex and romance can get all mixed up when you least expect it A very heartwarming story A fairy tale come true The bad guys don t always win Just the same, the good guys sometimes do win I gave this a 5 star.
Couldn t get into the story about a heroine who has a business watering plants Seriously, watering plants Ahhh Este libro estuvo tan lindo y romantico , realmente muy bueno I enjoyed this continuing series and look forward to reading the next chapter of this series.

well, that was certainly something like a fairytale, but i still love fairytales This is, hands down, my favorite category and contemporary romance ever, and makes my list of best romances ever I have very few keepers in fact, I m brutal about getting rid of books, but this has been on my keeper shelf or in my keeper drawer, LOL since it first published in Jan 2003 My poor copy is so tattered, it s coming apart and the binding is falling apart I finally got an e version for my nook so that I don t have to keep ruining my beloved paper copy.
This is book 2 in the Men to Do series from Blaze I bought this way back when I bought every single Blaze the second it came out I also highly recommend The Sweetest Taboo, book 1 I didn t love book 3 quite as much as the first two, but it was still very good.
So, how to describe this book First off, excuse the gushing I want to have babies with this book OK, specifically Dash Black And the cover It is exactly how I pictured him Both in my mind and from the description.
Dash is the face of the men s magazine Noir, which his father started and is planning on passing down to Dash and his brother when he retires Dash spends his days and nights hobnobbing with the Hollywood elite, and living the New York lifestyle, dating Sandra Bullock, Julia Roberts, and Helen Hunt yes it s a little dated for show Tess has come to NY from Tulip, Texas, and started her own business caring for plants in the offices of the rich and famous She manages the plants in Noir as well as in Dash s own home When Dash overhears her planning to go to a party that he will also be attending she s looking for financing to open her own flower plant shop , he basically invites himself along as her escort From there, their relationship grows I found it to be incredibly sweet, very hot, and super funny.
What I loved Dash He s suave, sophisticated, rich But at the same time, he s incredibly approachable, has a great sense of humor, and is incredibly self aware He recognizes that he wants to be with Tess, and moves heaven and earth to do it Although his life is very public, he strives to keep his feelings close to the vest, and maintains a very personal, private life as well as his public persona He isn t sure what to make of his feelings for Tess he only knows that he wants to be with her.
Tess She s a strong heroine Strong, but vulnerable And she s funny I liked that she wanted to build her business on her own, but wasn t stupid about it, and accepted help I loved that she has a close girlfriend in the city, as well as her two close friends that keep in touch via email A large portion of the book is told via emails between Tess and her two friends, Samantha and Erin I love that Leigh shows a strong, supportive friendship between women without jealousy, pettiness, or one upsmanship Although she does manage to squeeze that into the story through a different character You can t realistically have a story about the rich and famous without petty jealousies playing a part, right Dash and Tess together Oh wow First of all, fireworks, chemistry, hot But there were so many sweet, wonderful moments between them, too I fell in love with Dash the second they had their first kiss, and he was the one to ask if the earth moved for her, too He pulled her into his arms again, holding her tight as he moved deeper into the crowd on the dance floor The music was familiar, and if she took just a moment she d figure out the piece, but then Dash leaned close, his warm breath on her ear making her shiver Did you feel that he whispered What The earth moved The angels wept She smiled as heat filled her cheeks Oh, that There are a lot of perfect moments like that in the book He does so many sweet, wonderful things for her, including getting up in the middle of the night and getting ice cream, just because she mumbled something about wanting some Dash is protective of her, but lets her be her own woman as well When he realizes that in order to be with her he ll need to give up much of his current life, he moves heaven and earth to do it Tess, in turn, grounds him, keeps him real She is funny, and she s irreverent She makes him feel good, and he doesn t want to lose that.
When she realizes she can t live with his lifestyle, the scene written is heartbreaking I was talking rhapsodizing about this book on twitter with Lauren Dane, and we agreed that scene makes both of us bawl every time.
The banter It s funny It s honest.
The secondary characters Tess friends are great, as is Dash s brother They are real people, and provide perspective for Tess and Dash.
I could go on and on forever about this book, but really, you should pick it up for yourself It s part of Harlequin s digitized backlist, so you can get it wherever you want.
Oh, and if you re curious as to what other categories are in my keeper drawer It s A Dash of Temptation, The Sweetest Taboo Men To Do by Alison Kent, and Behind Enemy Lines by Cindy Dees.
This book started out very similar to the movie staring Drew Barry and Hugh Grant, the title had something to do with Lyrics Anyway even though I saw the movie twice because it wasn t memorable enough for me the first time, and I didn t think I d seen it , anyway I really can t remember what happens after that the movie I mean , but the book was much better Of course the story was a little farfetched, but it s a book, it s for entertainment If we wanted reality all the time we d watch the news and read the newspapers and find out who killed who, etc, etc My question is why do we women always want the bad boys In most of the romance novels if the males aren t the bad boys then their players in form or another, and happily so, then after they meet the heroine of the story, after a fight mostly with themselves because they re in denial , they suddently only want just one woman Yeah right Don t get me wrong, I eat this stuff up, and I m still a hopeless romantic even after being divorced twice married the bad boy and then the player actually he fancied himself the knight in shining armor and when I didn t need rescuing any then he needed someone else to save I guess it took some maturity for me to find the attraction of real guy.