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Ú Read ↠´ Guts: Our Digestive System by Seymour Simon ß Excellent book on the digestive system Our digestive systems are quite complex with each organ having an important job in how our bodies handle the food and drink which we take in The very descriptive text by accomplished author Simon describes the process of digestion step by step, using correct terms Accompanied by full color photographs which are quite fascinating, its hard to believe all of those organs and all of that action takes place in our bodies all through out the day, and night.
Why Is It Important Tochew Your Food Can You Guess How Long It Takes For Food To Travel Through Your Body Could You Possibly Have Twenty Feet Of Small Intestines Where Does That Bad Smelling Gas Come From Your Digestive System Is Out Of Sight And Out Of Mind Until Things Don T Go Right Then You May Wonder How These Important Organs Work You Ll Find The Answers In Seymour Simon S Smooth, Well Organized, And Fascinating Introduction To The Digestive System He Explains How It Works Twenty Four Hours A Day, Turning Pizza, Sandwiches, Milk, And Other Food Into Energy And Nutrients And Waste Striking Photographs On Every Spread Show How Major Organs Including The Stomach And Intestines Move Food Through Your Body, And How, Eventually, Waste Is EliminatedGuts Takes The Mystery Out Of Something That Happens To Everyone, Every Day, While At The Same Time Sharing A Sense Of Wonder About The Human Body With big, colorful photographs and x rays, this is sure to be a book that gives the reader an in depth perspective of our digestive system Some of the photos are a bit grainy and I m sure that our technology isrefined to giveenhanced images, but it is still a fascinating collection The narrative is comprehensive but not overwhelming , describing the different parts of our guts Seymour Simon has created another winner for the student science section of the library The information provided in this book is easy enough for an elementary school age student to understand, but complex enough that I learned quite a bit reading it, too I have really enjoyed reading Mr Simon s science books and will certainly look forat our local library.
The text for this is definitely a 4 star rating Approachable, factual, and interesting, it gives a complete introduction to the digestive system on an elementary student level 2nd grade and up could read it on their own, but even some first graders will enjoy hearing the text if they can t read it on their own yet Photographs are solid, but suffer a touch from age we can get better photography these days.
Succinct, clear, and thorough enough for middle grade readers Photos are good and well placed.
This is kind of aadvanced book for kids, but is full of information In my classroom, I will let theadvanced readers use this book when we are doing informational reading and writing This is a great book to get facts from and learn all about the parts in your body and digestive system The students in my second grade placement love this book, especially the boys and a few of the girls.
The title and cover alone captured my attention immediately Simon s actual photographs bring the body parts to life as the text kindly and factually explains the part s function I would use this information book for grades above 4th as I think students under 4th grade might not appreciate or hold much interest in the topic Students who are learning about the human body and or adults interested in broadening their knowledge will eat this book up I sure did

This book explains each part of the gut or the digestive system in the human body It begins in the mouth and works its way through the esophagus, stomach, colon, intestines, etc It describes the knowledge of each part scientifically, but to where it s not too sciencey for students to not be able to understand This book, in my opinion, describes in great detail the processes of the digestive tract so that students can understand, but at a high enough level that it still pushes them to grow and learn The pictures in the book are life like, which some people might find gross, but I think it s important to teach students how things actually look This book would be a great addition to a classroom for probably 4 6th graders It would be phenomenal addition to a Science teacher s classroom because they could use the book as an introduction for their lesson of the human body The book is a little lengthy, but the teacher could easily break up the digestive tract and read and explain a few pages at a time.
This is an awesome book about the digestive system for children Simon explains the digestive process from start to finish using correct scientific vocabulary such as peristalsis and villi , but writing in such a smooth, simple way that it s easy for kids to understand The pictures are mostly photographs and x rays although I have no idea what that esophagus picture is showing the inside of the esophagus The outside of it in the body of a preserved cadaver No clue The book uses large type throughout, made easily readable with black text on a white background and vice versa Each two page spread includes one page of text and one image Has some emphasis at the end that we are literally made out of the things that we eat I would probably give it five stars if I liked the digestive system , but let s face it it s gross.