È We All Need Heroes ✓ Download by È Simon Zingerman

È We All Need Heroes ✓ Download by È Simon Zingerman Gotta say that what really left an impression on me when I got a copy of the book are the illustratrions I like colorful books We All Need Heroes is like an anthology of stories from anywhere and everywhere It s a collection of interesting short reads lined up to inspire you or provoke you to get out of your comfort zone and make your own stuff happen no matter how stupid, silly, or impossible they might seem I honestly liked a lot of stories in it My favorites involve the author s story about listening and the crazy love letters sent out to people for advertising purposes that broke up a couple That was totally wicked in both sense of the word Oh I was also surprised that my country was mentioned in this book The Philippines I also liked that story, it s kind of cool to get featured in an independent release like this Anyway, I find myself looking back into reading of the short stories when I m not occupied with anything This book isn t supposed to be read continuously not very much like a novel Although you can read it both ways But for me it s like eating a nugget a day at a time You can read it when you re on the way to work, or you re at work and have nothing to do, or you re at home and looking for some light read or inspiration.
You can call this a reference book with all the stories about success in random fields of human interest I think the author did a pretty swell job into collecting stories just for the heck of completing a book for everyone to read FOR FREE Wonderful, fun and simply inspiring LOVE IT Are Your Ideas Stupid Unreasonable Or Maybe Just Non Existing If That Is The Case, We All Need Heroes Is A Book For You Simon Zingerman, With His Fantastic Collection Of Anecdotes About The Believable, Unbelievable And Always Winning Ideas, Inspires Even The Most Uninspired Couch Potato To Get Up And DO SOMETHING Elin Hermanson, Kulturellan We All Need Heroes Is The Quite Astonishing Result Of Author Simon Zingerman S Last Project As A University Student As His Thesis He Compiled His Favorite Inspirational Stories That He D Been Gathering For Almost Three Years And Turned Them Into A Book Packed With Short Stories From All Around The World, And From Many Different Decades, We All Need Heroes Celebrates People With Brave And Innovative Ideas Simon Believes That The Stories Will Convert The Skeptical Into Believers, Make Heroes Out Of Cowards And Turn Dull Entrepreneurs And Directors Into Trendsetters Learn The Importance Of Making Enemies, Why One Should Not Strive To Win Awards And How You Can Practice To Be In The Right Place At The Right Time read About Impressive Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns And Stupid Business Ideas That Made Homeless People Into Millionaires Learn To See Things With New Perspective And To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone Get Encouraged To Create Something Different Start That Business You Ve Dreamed About But Never Had The Guts To Turn Into Reality There Is Simply No Limit On What You Will Gain By Reading We All Need Heroes The Stories Might Be Told About A Completely Different Line Of Business Than The One You Re In, But The Main Idea Behind Them And The Essence Of Finding New Ways To Tackle Problems Are Universal By Showing The Greatness Of Others I Strengthen Myself In My Profession These Projects And People Have Encouraged Me To Follow My Crazy Dreams And Pursue My Chosen Career I Give Examples Of Possible Moral, Lessons To Be Learned From Each Story, But Of Course They Re Free For You To Interpret I Truly Hope That My Chosen Favorites Will Continue To Inspire Others To Dare Take The Step, And Get The Courage To Do Something Different Reading About Other People S Success Stories Will Hopefully Help You Create Your Own Simon Zingerman, Skyborn Works I wouldn t normally read a book about heroes , but the author found me on Goodreads and asked for comments We All Need Heroes is a collection of mostly feel good anecdotes on the normal and odd things at work in the world stories about people who make a difference, who invent things that make a difference, companies who do things that have an impact Overall, it s an easy read, as Zingerman has packaged his stories in two page vignettes With each, he tells the back story, offers a possible moral, has a box of fun statistics on the entertainment intlelligence riskiness etc value his subjective assessment fior now of the story and lists three associated search terms for the reader to jump off and find his her threads to pull A fair portion of the book relates Swedish and other Scandinavian stories likely unfamiliar to reader on this side of the pond, but that shouldn t be a surprise when one looks into the author s background Americans could do with a little shift in world view The book might fare well on the bestseller listor might notthose lists are fickle.
I liked the format I like that many of the stories were new to me I was already familiar with several I didn t spend a lot of time contemplating the possible morals, but did mark a few pages mostly book references to follow up on Best wishes to Zingerman for a successful deployment of this book and I hope he ll let me know when the next volume comes out.
I received Simon Zingerman s We All Need Heroes Stories of the Brave and Foolish by requesting it on Goodread s Giveaways.
And it arrived in my life at a most appropriate time I had just embarked on a phase of extensive traveling with my partner and would carry a couple of books for us to read on flight, at airports and as bedtime stories This book fitted the bill to a T.
Simon has crafted a small compendium of enchanting real life stories which sets itself apart from the plethora of samples of this genre It is inspirational in a most unusual way as his heroes are drawn from almost all walks of life, are really global.
Much like one of the stories in the book, he has been a gold digger who used his pan outside the usual river beds and such It is both most enlightening and entertaining to wind your way through this sm rg sbord of trivia, of which, although some are ones with which most of us are quite familiar, a great many are new to the reader and guaranteed to captivate the most blase of readers.
Form and content conspire to make this a book you will dip into at random moments in the course of the mundane day, returning not in any orderly way for you do not step twice into the same river Yet, there is a method in all this the author has so deftly and skilfully crafted your insight into the contents that you can choose where you want to re enter the stream.
Particularly adorable although it can also be a tad bewildering is the little box where he analyses the story for its value under diverse headings.
And it is precisely because of all the above that I cannot say I have finished the book I am hoarding it for future journeys where I can gaze at cloudscapes after a refreshing dip into this most extraordinary little pond.
As I received 2 copies I presented one to my daughter in law and son and was most gratified that both of them are now official addicts of this book which is not just a piece of writing but a veritable phenomenon.
Simon is definitely a prime example of the heroes whose stories his book showcases.
We All Need Heroes might be best described as an independent book project under the ongoing coordination of Simon Zingerman The resulting product is a compilation of stories everyone should know about, in addition to a helping of social and philosophical commentary by the author While the book itself might fit into categories most closely associated with well known titles like Good to Great, Tipping Point, and Freakonomics with a hint of Chicken Soup , I believe We All Need Heroes strayed enough from the established formulas to have its own voice If you do any amount of browsing news outlets, surfing blogs, etc.
, you will have heard some of these stories before I was a little concerned when the big opener was about the man that inspired Tom Hanks role in The Terminal, but I was drawn right back in when I learned new details about the man s time in the airport and how he ended up since the time portrayed in the film I have no idea how some of the stories flew under my radar Real human echolocation That s just like Daredevil son The ultimate goal of the book is to get you used to distilling the things that really stand out in the world, extracting the special ingredients, and applying them to whatever journey you re on What really stands out to me about this book is the experimentation in its presentation From the QR Code method of updated content delivery to the stat breakdowns after each story, not everything the author tries necessarily works after a few stories I ll admit I was skipping the stats completely , but I admired that he was trying new things The ideas presented are usually strong ones, even where they re not delivered perfectly I d personally love to see a dedicated editor working with this book and the note up front apologizing for any grammatical errors removed All in all I like Zingerman s vision and style All his work is missing is a little polish.
Overall I really like the idea behind a book like this Not every detail was on target and there might be a few kinks to work out I still feel there s a lot of room in the world for books from younger and newer professionals who have something to say before they ve been pulled out of the game for years to write and give presentations Zingerman is definitely relevant and I ll happily tune in to see what s next.
One day, maybe a month or so ago, Simon Zingerman contacted me here on Goodreads and asked me to review a.
pdf edition of his new book in exchange for a paperback copy of it I had a look at it and it seemed interesting so I accepted.
In hindsight, his sending the book to me for free was a purposeful move We All Need Heroes is basically a very optimistic collection of around 120 stories of people who made it or became famous either through extreme luck, fantastic ideas, dedication to their beliefs or pure, simple stupidity quoting because their supposed stupidity ultimately worked to their advantage Some of these accounts are exactly about how you can create buzz about your work in the very same guerilla way the author contacted me and many other users of Goodreads also Apart from that, the stories themselves were in general quite interesting and my picks the ones I felt could be significant for me personally made up a good chunk of the book That said, I can see how the next time I read it my favourites will have changed along with me, just like Simon Zingerman predicts and even hopes will happen in his introduction to the book.
The work unfortunately has its little problems I didn t particularly care for the happy ending , risky illegal , disturbed crazy etc 0 100% statistics at the bottom of every story By what standard is one story a 50% and another an 80% The assessment would make sense if there was a Top 10 happiest endings chart at the end of the book or something similar, but there was nothing of the sort After the first few pages, I started hungrily devouring one story after another, skipping these gauges entirely The keywords under the title of each story were met with the same fate Zingerman s graphic design touches seem to have worked well in many aspects but not so much in others.
But I won t be too critical of the details This book has given me food for thought and inspiration and I will be sure to read it again, this time taking notes.

First, as a disclosure, the author of this book contacted me directly and offered a free copy in exchange for this review I just wanted to say that up front And getting a free copy in no way influenced me to say anything positive or negative What follows is my usual honest opinion This book is a collection of stories some inspiring, some fascinating, some just plain crazy Some stories were familiar while others were new to me Each story is no that two pages, and many are smaller than that This makes the entire book perfect for reading when you have a lot of small time chunks We all definitely do need heroes to look up to, to learn from, to emulate, and sometimes to laugh at.
The PDF I read had statistics after each story that seemed arbitrary Granted, individual perceptions differ I found the inclusion of these statistics was interesting at first, then I soon started scrolling past them For example, a story of Joshua Bell one of the top musicians in the world playing in a subway during rush hour, for free, brought a huge smile to my face I read the story twice since it was so interesting The author of this collection gave that story a Happy Reading rating of 15% and an Entertaining rating of 30% I can t agree with either of those ratings rather than get upset or confused with ratings that I didn t agree with, I just stopped reading those statistics.
It s interesting to note that these story statistics and all graphics except for the cover are absent from the EPUB I was sent I glanced at the EPUB version once and then went back to the PDF Even without reading the statistics section, I still liked seeing the occasional amusing graphic after a story.
Overall, I found this to be an enjoyable collection of real life stories, easily worth a 3 to 4 star rating.
It is the kind of book that you can put down whenever you want because with each flip of the page is a new story The reason why it took me weeks to finish, I was busy with university.
I would like to recommended this book to everyone who wants to read and know about people It has a lot of stories that can inspire you too Although, it seems to be just a summary of their story, but then that is when research comes, teaches you to do research and know about the person.
This book is a collection of stories about how little acts and thoughts from the ordinary men in their ordinary life can have big effects around I really liked some of the stories they were truly inspiring and nice to read and the concept is just great I wouldn t mind reading a volume 2 There was a lot of originality and fun in most of the stories and it opened my mind to a lot of things It was also nice to notice that i already knew some of the stories which made me feel somehow connected to the book but not enough for me to feel bored, the perfect balance.
Putting aside the stories, i liked to have some kind of interaction with the author in the possible moral section, it also put the stories in contemporary perspectives The rating of each story was amusing and accurate.
Now, two things that really put me off lack of diversity there were not enough stories about women, and not enough countries were displayed, also not enough domains were treated it was mostly big turn points in marketing history and that bored me lack of heroism i understand that this book is about brave and FOOLISH but i wish at least one solid third of the book was about heroic acts even small ones instead of being about marketing and people who suddenly made a lot of money Edit I ve done my research on the book and it seems that it was about motivating one to get up and do something and be creative rather than a book inspiring to altruism I unfortunately mislead myself prior to reading the book so my second remark can t really apply to the book.
I think that this project could be completed by a phone application, daily updated, since i do find the concept really smart and worthy.