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[ Read Online Soul On Fire - The Life And Music Of Peter Steele ✓ pretoria PDF ] by Jeff Wagner Ì Noted Metal Journalist Jeff Wagner To Author Biography Of The Late Leader Of Type O Negative, Peter Steele Jeff Wagner Is Currently Assembling His Next Book, Soul On Fire The Life And Music Of Peter Steele The Book Will Be, In Wagner S Words, A Thorough Telling Of Peter S Life, From His Diaper Days To His Death It Will Not Only Include Analysis Of The Music He Created In Type O Negative And Carnivore And The Many Triumphs And Personal Tribulations That Came Along With It But Also Let Fans In On The Details Of His Early Days The Book Will Also Feature Numerous Images From Throughout His Life, On Stage And Off Peter S Fans Miss Him, And As A Follower Of His Music Since , I M Proud To Put Together This Tribute For Them While Warring Factions Within The Story Have Already Been Heard, My Mission Is Simple Cut Through The Crap And Tell One Of The Most Extraordinary Stories In Modern Music, Withgreat Respect To The Subject Himself Culled From A Variety Of Sources, Including Recollections From Band Mates, Family, Close Friends And Record Label Reps, Soul On Fire Is An Accurate Account Of Steele S Creative Genius And Incredibly Complex Personality Steele Was A Visionary And A Provocateur A Generous Friend And A Self Deprecating Hedonist A Band Mate And A Brother His Struggles With Addiction And His Acceptance Of The Catholic Faith He Grew Up With And Then Grew Out Of All Of This Is Surveyed And Detailed Within Soul On Fire I thought this book was well written, fascinating and introspective for a biography It s a shame that it s such a limited printing I m pretty sure they had to order it from the author s website after I placed it on hold at the library and so expensive because I feel like Peter Steele fans would really benefit from reading this It provides great insight into who this enigmatic yet ultra mysterious man really was at his heart.
The author s deep appreciation and love for Peter s work really shone through in the way he lovingly described every song on every album and sent me off to listen to Carnivore which I probably never would have done otherwise Type O kind of gets written off by folks of my generation who thought they were campy and alt goth and riding on the coattails of artists like Nine inch Nails I did the same when I was a dumb teenager, though I always had an affinity for Peter s Am I Good Enough wail in Love you to Death it sounded like he meant it Like he was really asking It was nice to read a biography written by someone who really loved the guy It showed through And it gave the music the respect it deserved My one gripe with the book was the glossing over of Peter s various, shall we say, prejudices Not gonna lie, it s an interesting line to stand on, being a huge Peter Steele fan and also a leftist feminist Peter Steele, in his early 20s, probably would have hated the sight of me I think it s easy enough to realize that Peter was a product of his time a young white man raised in NYC during a time when attitudes about various things race relations, LGBT issues and second wave feminism were all starting to turn So many people are quoted in the book adamantly insisting that Peter wasn t this or that wasn t racist, wasn t sexist, didn t have a judgmental bone in his body and I think it does Peter a disservice to gloss over these issues in such a way The man himself is on record as having changed his mind about a lot of subjects he admitted that he d been ignorant He was a young, dumb kid writing lyrics that were meant to poke the bear Many of his lyrics were tongue in cheek not all were I think it s okay to say it He was a bit of an asshole He held some beliefs that were decidedly shitty and bigoted He changed a lot Life changed him Life forced him to confront his own prejudices I would have loved the book even had the author just said, simply Peter had some prejudices As your basic liberal nightmare, I still love the guy and his work He was a deeply flawed individual who hated himself than any one group Therein lies his humanity And who among us doesn t have a problematic fave Whitewashing of his attitudes aside, I really loved this book I loved the tiny little details of things he loved, like renovation, cycling, nature, his cats While the latter half of the book is unbearably sad, you really emerge from reading it with a clear picture of what kind of man he was, and a vision of the life he might ve led had depression and a reckless view of his own wellbeing not taken over If you re into biographies of musicians, especially enigmatic dead rock stars, give this one a read for sure I understand that the Peter Steele estate did not sign off on this work, so it s up to the individual person as to whether or not they choose to read I enjoyed it, but took everything within the book with a boulder of salt Maybe one day one of his bandmates or sisters will write a memoir.
i finished this book on the trip to patra fittingly, it was raining almost all the day i was so fortunate to see type o negative live once, in finland at tuska festival 2003 i remember that peter was very approachable, he was joking with the crowd, i believe the band asked the fans with the flag of vinnland to come on stage and i remember the show as one of the most memorable and enjoyable shows ever i did not know much about peter, this is what i realised with reading the book it left me feeling very very gloomy he was a genius, he was this seductive man, this huge frost giant who was so much than everyone saw from the outside i cannot judge how much of the book is the truth, since people afterwards want to show a different side and maybe edit information on their own but many things seem to totally fit with what i saw in peter i loved the book and it left me feeling hollow and empty, for all the great moments we still could have had with peter, and which were taken from us i don t care if some people are not happy with this book i loved it from start to finish, i did not mind the repeated information that sometimes came up i just plunged into this book and did not know how to get out of it once it was finished, it left me with a stale feeling rest in peace peter and thank you for the music and art you left us with.
Before commenting about this book, I d like to say a huge thank you to my friend Erleen for recommending me to hear Mr Peter Ratajczyk s band last name copied and pasted from elsewhere, because writing this string of consonants is asking me to misplace the letters , a.
a Peter Steele.
When I read the announcement about a book on this artist, I immediately began to imagine a trillion things that could be told in these pages, and reading it was a great surprise For starters, according to this biography he was insanely introverted because of a lot of things he said wrote sang did, I wouldn t have believed it if anyone had told me without mentioning many situations the book describes It s amazing how a ultra awkward boy became a songwriter with many lyrics than controversial, and other things.
Descriptions of the production process for songs, creation and development of Peter s projects, just like everything related to his work, shows a giant inventiveness and creativity to run a band with completely different recordings from every other rock heavy metal work so far.
According to the testimonies, Pete had incredibly sharp reasoning, was madly quick witted and Always had loved to make jokes and puns we can also observe that interviews and songs, despite the unbelievable shyness The impression is that he carried that side of his personality to the way he behaved before the public since the beginning of his career, and his mechanisms to deal with the conflicts that he was experiencing included to take advantage of this ability to make self deprecating humor about himself.
Since nobody is perfect, according to this biography, he had a side that was too politically conservative for my taste that start working instead of asking for social programs thought see the lyrics he wrote to a song called Public Assistance for a band called Agnostic Front , but discussing it is not the focus here And then we remember the We hate everyone song which has lyrics that unfortunately seems difficult to disagree with, and still seems to represent current political reality, and that he loved to help other people without expecting anything in return, and everything is fine again kind of.
Another thing about Peter that, at least for me, stands out is that he Always enjoyed reading and studying not only to learn about music, but about chemistry and physics, among other subjects, were also of his interest according to this biography And I swear that as I read these excerpts I tried not to think of a friend of mine who also enjoys studying these fields Him being interested enough in vampires to modify the shape of his teeth to fangs I could swear that all the photos of him with the famous pointy canines were altered was something that I found quite curious, because I ve heard about the band from fans of a series of books with vampires in it Black Dagger Brotherhood, if anyone is interested And, the fact he looked like the description of the vampire king of that books and dated someone of the same name as the vampire queen is also a fun coincidence.
The parts about religion and other controversies because of things he said or music themes were some of my favorites, because, one, I love me some controversy, and despite having returned to Catholicism in the last few years of his life, I think the way he treated religion, politics and relationships in music is phenomenal Christian Woman is one of the songs that sparked my interest to the rest of the material of band his ok, it s like a compulsion , and not just because of that wonderful baritone voice that man had.
342 things I bet I d read about from the beginning are actually there, but mostly at the few last chapters of the book Not that he was a saint, but as I finished the book I could think he s likely go to some sort of heaven or paradise that exists than some religious leaders out there, despite a plethora of questionable things he did for example, some stuff that are not exactly advisable on a few tours Although I m a fan of Pete s work, kudos to a girlfriend of his that simply didn t forgive some of his attitudes and married another man without even telling him first Telling about this episode and a few pages later about the death of his mother was cruel.
I thought the end of the book would be a little bit different The way he died was not how I imagined it had happened According to the biography, was a health condition that could have been corrected, but unfortunately wasn t.
I had posted a version of this comment to my facebook profile in Portuguese and there is something I didn t comment there and I want to write about here his Playgirl photoshoot As usual, almost everything about the pictures were his idea, and I couldn t help but laugh about it when the book told he didn t know that many people who bought the magazine were actually men The book says a few words about some of the reasons why he agreed to make those pictures And it s a little bit different than I expected too.
I purchased this book because, to my knowledge, it is the only existing Peter Steele biography or non fiction piece relating to Type O Negative I really enjoy reading non fiction and biographical books about some of my favorite musicians and artists, and this is not the first time I have sought out such a book I enjoyed this book from a fan girl perspective From a critical reader perspective, the writing could have been betterit wasn t bad , but it was perhaps a bit cliche and repetitive Additionally, the author seemed very biased about Peter Steele, constantly showering the man with compliments While I will certainly be the first person to admit that I love the idea of Peter Steele indeed, I just called myself a fan girl , I would have appreciated a real, human narrative that came from a less objective place Overall, not a bad read, but there is certainly room for biographical books about Peter Steele and Type O Negative.
Fact or fiction I believe it captures the personality of Peter I wish someone would say why the band and family have issues Everything aside this is what I thought An amazing testament to the gentle giant, Peter Steelewell mainly Peter Thomas Ratajczyk Jeff Wagner vividly describes the world Peter would enter and captures the personality of the musical genius right at the prologue Immediately the reader is possessed feeling the presence of a truly amazing guy You won t be able to sleep until the book is finished The next page to read will beacon you to continue Like the author, it only took me meeting Peter on three random occasions to see the sweet soul that he was despite the vampire image he admitted was only five percent of Peter s character My second and third brush with the rock god started with Peter acknowledging who I was He never forgot people and that is why people will never forget him I loved reading about how Peter exposed himself to the world in so many ways Yet my heart would ache knowing how fragile he was I was wrapped into the emotion of the book The pages were just a passionate as the prophet of doom was One line sums up the character of Peter depicted in this novel With all the pitfalls and unappealing aspects of his profession, variables amplified by his own personal challenges, Peter forged ahead And in his precarious world, where low self esteem and depression reigned, this was truly courageous Page 203 My second run in with the green man was a wonderful night of Type O accepting me as a special guest and it such a dream to dance on stage But now I have a refined appreciation outside myself for the beautiful soul that left his comfort zone of a Brooklyn basement and gave me and every other fan that opportunity I was just young and stationed away from my Brooklyn home at the time but I knew something was special about this memory This book confirmed what I only processed in my mind had to be the character of Peter Now I don t need that straight jacket for thinking I knew someone I only ran into three times Peter was just that genuine and so is this book It goes to show we really don t see it all except in hindsight, maybe that s what makes death so haunting Rest in Peace Peter I know there s good music in Heaven now Can t wait to see how he re mastered gospel hymns Thankful the book also includes the testimony of Peter s faith too, its ups and downs, doubts and fears that s how it is until you are sold out Thank you family and close friends of Peter for trusting your memoirs with the author and thank you Mr Wagner for treating them with the most respect.
En tee juhlista hauskoja Min lopetan ne Peter Steele on pirullisen mielenkiintoinen muusikko Paino sanalla pirullisen Uran alkuvaiheessa mik n ei ollut h nelle pyh ja sanoitusten p asiallinen funktio tuntui olevan pahennuksen her tt minen Steelen ensimm isen tunnetumman yhtyeen, Carnivoren, oli vaikea saada Euroopassa jalansijaa biiseill Jesus Hitler tai Race War Ensimm isell Euroopanturneella suurin osa keikoista peruttiinkin Yhtyeen ei yksinkertaisesti annettu soittaa.
Steele tunnetaan kuitenkin ennen kaikkea Type O Negativen j rk lem isen ja matala nisen basisti laulajana Sanoitusten s vy muuttui pikku hiljaa shokeeraavista synkkiin ja sitten viel synkempiin Steelen mielenterveys ja p ihdeongelmat n kyiv t ja kuuluivat kaikessa mit h n teki.
Steele oli monin tavoin hyvin ristiriitainen rockt hti H n rakasti luontoa ja toivoi musiikkiuran j lkeen palaavansa viel takaisin t ihin puistoon H n ei ollut j rin sosiaalinen ja vihoviimeinen asia mit h n halusi, oli soittaa musiikkia yleis n edess Mutta h nell oli hyvin vahva luomisen tarve ja taiteensa suhteen h n oli rimm isen kontrolloiva cd levyjen kansitaiteita ja tekstej my ten.
Lopulta Steele teki t ysk nn ksen H n ryhtyi katolilaiseksi ja kamppaili viimeisin vuosinaan vahvasti sis isi demonejaan vastaan pyrkien lopettamaan huumeiden k yt n Ja juuri kun kaikki n ytti valoisammalta h nen terveytens petti lopullisesti.
Steelen tarina on v hint nkin mielenkiintoinen ja sis lt kaikki vaadittavat draaman elementit Jeff Wagnerilla ei siis ole ollut vaikea ty kirjoittaa hyv el m kertaa Teksti etenee kronologisesti, kirja on pikkutarkasti taitettu ja v rikuvaliite on toimiva My s sinne t nne ripotellut yksitt iset sivun parin pituiset anekdootit sopivat hyvin kokonaisuuteen.
Eip t st paljon musiikkiel m kerta parane Ei rakenteellisesti mit n poikkeavaa tai uutta, mutta miksip kikkailla kikkailun vuoksi.
A couple of things really bothered me about this book Wagner writes like I do he gets an idea he wants to portray and then repeats it over and over The repetition makes it feel like it was written to be a series rather than a book The word insecure in it s many forms is very likely on every other page It really could use a good edit from someone removed from the subject matter Honestly, I believe it should be picked up by a big publisher because it s subject matter affects anyone who is creative not just we die hard fans.
The other thing that bothered me was the poor Peter spiel From our 20s on, we start losing people Personally, I didn t get to celebrate my 40th birthday because I was at 2 funerals in that one week It happens to everyone So do breakups Wagner does make a fine point that Peter had to live inside those losses for the music I wish this had been stressed than the pity I think it s a better idea to NOT pity Steele, but to admire the sheer bravery it took to give us what he did He was very likely far sensitive than most people, so those losses hit him harder, but he was brave enough to share them EVERY stage of them and that is so hard, so brave and I m eternally grateful He and the band helped me through what felt like the darkest time in my life It took me 38 years to realize that that s what we do for our friends we open up in that same honest way and share and correct when necessary for each other We help to balance each other I have slimmed down my friends to those too few true ones it s too bad Peter didn t get that chance until it was too late That entire band did that for each other and I admire that especially Josh Doing in front of millions of people just WOW And that is a very scary reality for any creatively famous person this is why so many fall, like Peter did, for a while or forever It s the kindest gift but the hardest to give But fuck pity, we should remember him in awe.
Also, the author describes several locked eye moments with several of Peter s x s I know EXACTLY what that meant and was amazed to find it in the book I saw Type O in 2009 When they started to play, I couldn t make it out It was hazy and I was left thinking What the heck Oh no, Peter s not well And at that very moment we locked eyes In all honestly, he very likely didn t see me at all But the world was suspended in that moment probably 3 seconds Then it was over and I was back into the music my heart actually beating along with the music This wasn t a love thing like with the x s, and it may not have happened at all though I believe it did but I can attest to the power behind those big broken eyes It felt like he heard me and pulled me back in.
In 2010 I wrote my last paper in college trying to prove that what Peter and the band were writing were actually classical compositions It was 10 pages of garbage not having a musical background and the fact that I had SOOOOO much material to go through left me short 10 pages of text, 30 in reference But I threw myself into it and did the best I could It was an impossible paper When Wagner makes the same point in the middle of the book, simply, I about died I should send a copy to my old professor But I knew then how incredibly complex writing anything on this man or his bands would be and I d personally like to thank Jeff Wagner for doing it especially being steadfast towards the end when his support was pulled He goes into each album, each song wonderfully It s an amazing story, incredibly hard to put to words, and yet the dedication of the author shines through and gives us a fine view of a tough subject, and an awe inspiringly strong but soft man Thanks, Jeff Wagner and long live the memory of Peter Steele.
This book is a poorly written compilation of articles and interviews previously published The hack who wrote this seems to have little grasp of consistency and sequencing of events as the book skips ahead years, reverts to previously mentioned times,and repeats itself again and again Example s of this hack s laziness in his writing and research are too numerous to list.
If you are a Type O fan, or an admirer of Steele, do yourself a favor and stay away from this one.
This is a steaming pile of dogshit that will only disappoint the literate fans of the band who paid attention and don t have short memories.
No wonder why the estate and the band members didn t support this piece of literary garbage.
I have to admit that I wasn t a Type O Negative fan when I bought the book, although I did like Carnivore I bought it because I am a fan of Mr Wagner s writing, plus I was curious to find out why Peter Steele was always considered such a controversial figure.
The book takes you on a very emotional ride through Peter s life including happiness and sadness, humor and depression By the end, I felt like Peter was one of the only legends in the hard rock world I would like to have met I have started listening to Type O s music with different ears I have a new appreciation for the heart and soul behind the music and even started buying their catalog on CD Maybe Roadrunner and should be paying royalties to Mr Wagner This is one of the most well written books that I have read in the rock hard rock metal genre I went to the Merriam Webster times than I care to admit I strongly suggest reading this a if you are fan of Carnivore and or Type O Negative or b if you enjoy reading musical themed books, particularly on one of the unique characters in the rock world.