Trailer Ý Shake Down PDF by µ Jill Elizabeth Nelson

Trailer Ý Shake Down PDF by µ Jill Elizabeth Nelson Love inspired Suspense Typical Christian theme but with lots of mystery Never really saw the part leading up to the end Last minute confessions.
Janice has inherited a cottage from a distant relative.
Her one desire is to restore it and then get rid of it, losing her final tie to the dreaded Moran name that has marred her life Maybe then her past can be finally put to rest.
Except that someone has other ideas.
What secrets is the cottage still hiding And just who is Shane Gillum, and what is his interest in this place I got really caught up in this story, and while not exactly figuring out what was going on, I had tapped who the bad guys were and enjoyed finding out how it all fell into place.
It was nice to get Janice s story, finding out about her and her past, and to see redemption from it in the end.
1 2 3 While these books can be read as a stand alone, you will get a better appreciation of the characters and their histories if these are read in order.
HOUSE OF SECRETS To Clear His Imprisoned Father S Name, Shane Gillum Must Find Evidence Hidden In A Martha S Vineyard Cottage But He Arrives To Find The Vacant Property Being Prepped For Sale By Real Estate Agent Janice Swenson Is She Tied To The Notorious Owners Or Is She In Over Her Head As The Accidents On The Property Grow Increasingly Dangerous And Who Is The Saboteur Targeting Shane With His Search, Or Janice With Her Dark, Hidden Past With So Much At Stake, Trusting Janice Is A Huge Risk But Keeping Silent About The Cottage S Mysteries Could Mire Them Both In A Deadly Scheme There was an ending in this book that I definitely WASN T expecting The BookAdvertised as a house of secrets.
Janice Swenson travels to Martha s Vineyard She preps a vacant property, a cottage, to put it on the real estate market.
Shane Gillum has different plans, a secret agenda.
My Thoughts This book is packed full of secrets Unknowns that kept the pages turning and the story exciting.
Janice and Shane, both were not the persons they claimed to be, and each has a good reason to keep their identities a secret.
I purchased this book Shake Down after I read Jill s, Rivet Your Readers with Deep Point of View A book I ve read several times and still reading and studying I wanted to see the deep point of view in writing, and I wasn t disappointed I loved Jill s style of writing and plan to read of her books.
If you like adventure, mystery, love, and good strong characters, this book is for you.
In this book the two main characters are hoping no one finds out who they really are One female lead inherited a cottage beach house in Martha s Vineyard from the mob side of her family She is working to fix it up and sell it she just happens to be a realtor The male lead is the son of one of the people in prison connected to the mob He trying to find evidence to prove his father is innocent he also has a hit man looking for him The two end up together on the same beach She is hurt needs help and he comes to the rescue He then befriends her and helps her to fix up the cottage Many suspicious things are happening throughout the book and the two, Shane and Janice find themselves attracted to each other I liked the book My sister gave me 3 bags full of Harlequin suspense type books They all read fast But problem with these books that keep me from giving them a 5 star rating is that they all seem to happen so quickly this book was an exception it didn t take place in 48 hours.
Shake Down by Jill Elizabeth Nelson was a very good book It had lots of suspense in it It was a page turner Shane Gillum and Janice Swenson came up with these new names because of their family history Follow their story and the love between them A must read.

This was one of the better ones I ve read recently Proverbs 22 1 is an important reminder that, A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches What a great lesson to learn.
Confession I read a lot of Louis L Amour books, which I think are really just romances about horses and fighting written for men Somewhere in the middle, you can count on L Amour to throw in some philosophizing along the lines of I ain t too bright, but it seems to me that insert old saw about living free in the saddle or the forest but also someday I d like to have someone to settle down with and, by the way, there s a higher power out there Usually Louis slides it in nice and easy during a quiet moment at a campfire or whilst our hero is pondering some bit of family lore, but to me, it still sticks out as an awkward bit of preachiness which reminds me that I m reading pulp.
That s how I feel about the faith shoehorned into this book It reminded me of Die For Love by Elizabeth Peters, in which one of the characters callously discusses how to change subgenres of romance by simple additions of character traits, dialogue, and or plot devices add a prayer before a meal and a little inner dialogue with God and Boom it s a faith based romance Orson Welles said You just can t get in bed or pray to God and convince me on the screen In this case, at least, that holds true for the written word as well This was an otherwise easy read, with a couple of completely unforeshadowed turns of events.
While this is under the Love Inspired aka Christian imprint, the faith part is not overt, but is integrated in the story The suspense and twists turns in this story are well done and kept me reading to the end I highly recommend this one.