º The Wings of the Eagle ↠´ Download by ↠´ J.J. Toner

º The Wings of the Eagle ↠´ Download by ↠´ J.J. Toner WOW It s A Good OneAnother good story to read this one is a page Turner, can t wait to see what happens next JJ Toner did it again Can t wait to read the next one.
Another perspective of WW2The story is part of a series that is told from a Nazi perspective and it concerns their development of the atomic bomb.
A WW Spy Story Kurt Muller And A Young Colleague Parachute Into Southern Germany To Rescue A British Canadian Agent The Allies Have Won The Battle Of The Atlantic, And German Forces Are Retreating On All Major Fronts The War In Europe Is Effectively Over, But The Nazis Will Never Accept Defeat An Abwehr Deserter And Member Of The German Resistance The Black Orchestra With A Price On His Head, Kurt Quickly Finds Himself In A Deadly Race To Prevent The Nazis From Developing The First Atomic Bomb And Changing The Outcome Of The Second World War Good readI did not know that the Nazis were that close to building the bomb I knew that a team under Heisenberg was working on nuclear fission The story was quite exciting British agent Kurt Muller s task seems clear Go to Germany with fellow agent Pilgrim and bring home British Canadian agent, Erika They find Erika who refuses to leave She has discovered the Nazi s atomic bomb program The trio face enormous obstacles in their efforts to stop the first test Kurt s enemies are not only without Someone cut his parachute rope and there are other signs someone wants him dead The backdrop to the action, set in 1943, is the horror of the Nazi regime and the futility of war Second World War fiction and thriller aficionados will enjoy this It s the sequel to Black Orchestra Eagle is a stand alone work but Orchestra will give you the background I enjoyed both Orchestra has a stronger emphasis on relationships and characters motivation.
Not quite as good as the first book in this series but enjoyable nonetheless There was one lapse in the plot I found laughable though.
Better This was engaging than book 1 in the series Well paced action that kept the book lively The good guys are just realistic enoughyou end up with a sense of relief that the Allies aren t painted too darkly.

Great Spy NovelThis book was thrilling from start to finish It was very different from The Black Orchestra, the only similarity being our hero Kurt Muller I highly commend it for espionage fans.
Another J J Toner special in the backdrop of the 2nd World War There is action, there is a chase and some suspense as well.
Kindle Unlimited, main thing is have trouble getting in to thrillers, even ones so really think there should be a rating that indicates I personally did not dislike it but think others would, maybe this will suffice.
Did read through all 3 listed.
The Black Orchestra WW2 spy thriller The Wings of the Eagle WW2 spy thriller Black Orchestra book 2 The Black Orchestra A Postcard from Hamburg WW2 spy story The Black Orchestra Book 3