Trailer ↠´ Christmas at the Cove PDF by ¾ Rachel Brimble

Trailer ↠´ Christmas at the Cove PDF by ¾ Rachel Brimble Well Santa pop me in your sack and send me to Templeton Cove this Christmas I love the setting for this book, and eventhe characters Right from the start I was gripped by the chemistry between Carrie and Scott and a few pages in I was checking the front page to query the genre and series It starts off sizzling and later on not even the snowfall at Templeton Cove can cool this pairing down.
Carrie and Scott meet at opposing points in their life He s looking for somethingthan Carrie is offering, which is completely out of character for him, and Carrie is looking for a temporary fling to be forgotten by the time the sheets have cooled Except three years on, neither has forgotten and life has changed dramatically for the both of them This time Scott has future plans to take care of his own needs for a change and Carrie is firmly fixed on stability So oncetheir lives are focused in opposite directions That is until Scott discovers the secret Carrie has been hiding from him.
Carrie needs reassurance that Scott can take responsibility for their daughter, but it seems she s tracked him down at a point where responsibility is something he s trying to leave behind Not that he shirks from it In fact the way he steps up to support his family is something that endears him to me That and his whole lot of sexy charm Scott needs time to process the idea and to get confirmation that Belle is really is What better way to spend that time than with the woman who stirred up unfamiliar feelings years ago With residents at the Cove trying to equally help and hinder Carrie and Scott, it makes for a compelling read that is sweet, sexy and has that Christmas feel good factor.
I loved the story and I absolutely adored Rachel Brimble s writing This is a new to me author that I will definitely be readingof in the future ARC provided in return for honest review What can I say but wow WOW and Wow I was yanked into this story from the very first description It held me captive from the first glance to the last happy tear What a beautiful and emotional rollercoaster I loved it Cover to cover Christmas, refound love, family fueds and renewals Christmas at the Cove had it all Insert blissful sigh here.
Posted originally Christmas at the Cove is a beautiful book Rachel Brimble s first Christmas novel and I m really hoping it won t be the last It felt warm, inviting and homely and combined with the sizzling chemistry between Carrie and Scott, I d say Christmas at the Cove is perfect reading material for a cold winter s night We soon learn upon Carrie s return to Templeton Cove that she has something important to tell Scott the news that he has a two year old daughter called Belle The moment we learnt this, I knew exactly where I wanted the book to end up because I always want to hear of kids having the perfect Christmas because at that age, Christmas is the most magical time of year Christmas at the Cove focuseson the build up to Christmas rather than the chaotic event itself and so it was fascinating to see how it would capture the essence of the festive season I thought the snow and the present shopping and the food, alongside a lovely family orientated story, made this a gorgeous Christmassy read and an uplifting one too.
This is the second of Rachel s Templeton Cove books I ve read, having reviewed the brilliant What Belongs to Her back in March, and it s a setting I love reading about Everybody seems to know each other which does mean that you might get a busybody or a stirrer involved somewhere Amanda was definitely the trouble causer here but despite its imperfections the sense of community is strong and charming to read Whether it was Carrie s brief chats with Marian and Angela or Scott s moments with his best friends Nick and Kevin, Christmas at the Cove focuses strongly on relationships and the dialogue that comes with them and I think Rachel did a great job at building these up The character development was done really well and in Scott and Carrie, I found two characters that I absolutely loved.
Scott s one of my favourite leading male characters I ve read and not just because he sounded like a complete hunk, honest I liked him right from the enticing prologue but then we meet him again a few years later and his obvious love, dedication and loyalty to his family and close friends was so endearing, I couldn t help but want my own Scott You could just tell he would do absolutely anything to protect the people he cared about but that didn t make his character flat and dull because he still had that other, edgier side to him which could charm 99% of women that set their eyes on him and his character was a lot of fun too I loved Carrie s character as well Even though I didn t agree with her keeping Belle a secret from Scott for the first two years of her life, I still thought she was brave given what she had been going through and I could understand any apprehension she had I liked how her daughter was always at the forefront of her mind and she wouldn t let anything get in the way of making sure her daughter would be safe and happy I just love reading stories which focus on families moving stories and not overly dramatic stories and Christmas at the Cove fit the bill.
I raced through this novel and I can t deny I m a little sad it s over But only because I thought it was a fantastic read and I m sure it will be one of my favourite Christmas books this year I loved it It was about not only the hope of building a new family but also the devotion and solidarity of a family under threat by something from their past It was a sweet story but combined with the obvious attraction and sexual chemistry between Scott and Carrie, it was muchthan just a sweet story With a stunning ending, Christmas at the Cove was a fun, heart warming and truly gratifying novel Book gifted for honest review.

This was an absolute pleasure to read What better treat to indulge in at Christmas than a steamy romance from an author who truly knows what she is doing Brimble s characters are full, with flaws and personalities and histories that you can get lost in Carrie is a woman that you can respect After losing a man who she loved and a father to her beautiful daughter, she goes in search of Scott, not to find a man to fall back on, but to right a wrong The very fact that she is strong, independent and doing the right thing makes the story all thepowerful.
Scott is an interesting character that you will really struggle to dislike As a handsome, successful and confident ladies man, it would be easy to hate him, but the way he stands by his family and friends and always does the right thing will make you question why there aren tmen like Scott in the real world.
Christmas is a time for comfort and this book is the perfect choice for curling up with a hot chocolate and restoring your faith in true love Ideal for anyone who has had their hearts broken, is missing a little romance in their lives or simply wants to slip into a world where good things happen to good people.
review by Elizabeth A Wright on behalf of BestChickLit.
com I received a copy of this book in exchange for sharing my fair and honest opinion with y all Here you go This was my very first novel by the fabulous Rachel Brimble, but I can tell you one thing it won t be my last The book opens on a chance meeting a few years earlier than the majority of the book that has Scott and Carrie meeting for the first time There is no denying their attraction, but still yet, after their short time together is over and her vacation in Templeton Cove comes to a close, she leaves and neither of them contact each other again Three years later, she s back in the Cove with some news that will change Scott s world forever, like it s already changed hers.
I couldn t get enough of this book Not only was it a wonderfully well written romance novel, with many ups and downs for our two main characters, but it also had a nice, Christmas theme too my favorite type of book to read this time of year These characters both have their flaws, oh do they have flaws, but maybe, just maybe, they ll be able to put differences aside for their sweet daughter, Belle.
Christmas at the Cove hits all the right punches stunning beginning, heartwarming ending and a whole lot of wonderful in between A must read for romance fans Christmas at the Cove is a heartwarming second chance at love romance This lovely holiday story is full of drama, strong emotions and sizzling hot love scenes Fans of Rachel Brimble s books set in the very charming UK seaside town of Templeton Cove do not want to miss this latest installment.
Three years earlier, Scott Walker and Carrie Jameson had a glorious fling when Carrie visited Scott s hometown of Templeton Cove Their week together was unforgettable, but both returned to their regular lives as planned In the interim, Carrie married and now a widow, she returns to Templeton Cove to share some long overdue news with Scott The couple quickly discover their smoking hot attraction has not faded with the passage of time but after Carrie reveals her secret, will it destroy any chance of a future for them In the beginning, Scott comes across as a bit of a player, but first impressions do not always tell the whole story He may be a commitment phobe, but he is always honest with the women he dates He has his hands full trying to expand his thriving mechanics business and taking care of his mother and three sisters But two of the biggest reasons why he avoids serious relationships are connected to his father s desertion and Scott s continued feelings for Carrie.
Carrie is a likable, but extremely frustrating, character She is not always honest with herself or Scott for her reasons for returning to the Cove and this leads to a lot of dithering when it comes to Scott She also jumps at every excuse to avoid letting Scott fully into her life and while some of her reasons are understandable, they are also a direct contradiction regarding her decision to come clean with him Carrie gives off a lot of mixed signals for much of the story and it is very irritating how quick she is to give Scott an ultimatum when his unresolved issues become a factor in their future.
Carrie and Scott s relationship is very slow growing with Scott pushing Carrie to give him, and by extension, them, a chance There are no easy solutions for the real life concerns they each have but Scott is very tenacious in convincing Carrie to consider a future with him Some of their scenes together are quite touching, others are very romantic and there are a few that are pretty steamy However, their relationship hangs in the balance right up until the very end of the novel, and even then, not all of the questions about their future are answered.
Christmas at the Cove is a moving addition to Rachel Brimble s series set in Templeton Cove More than just a romance, it is also a story about coming to terms with the past and taking a chance on love This warm and inviting novel has a wonderful cast of characters, an engaging plot and a delightful ending that truly embodies the holiday spirit.
I would like to thank Candle Lit Author Services and Rachel Brimble for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.
Carrie and Scott had a brief fling three years ago, they both decided they didn t want it to go any further.
Three years later Carrie is back in Templeton Cove, having promised her dying husband she would return Carrie s return is a shock to Scott and the pair needed to have a conversation neither of them are really ready for.
Templeton Cove is a lovely town but sometimes a small town everyone knows everyone else s buisness and begin to interfere.
The tension and electricity between the pair fizzled all through the book, with neither of the quite willing to admit their feelings It takes their mothers to force the issue.
I liked Carrie, although I didn t agree with the decision she made to not tell Scott about Bella, I can understand why she didn t tell him The basis for any relationship is love and trust, Carrie never waited to find out if she could trust Scott Scott on the other hand became tied down with what he thought were his responsibilities, pushing his own life and feelings to the back of everything else.
Will Scott and Carrie manage to sort everything out in time for Christmas More Family For Christmas Scott Walker Doesn T Have Time For A Relationship The Sexy Mechanic Has Career Ambitions, Not To Mention A Mother And Three Sisters To Take Care Of The Last Thing He Needs Is Carrie Jameson, The Beauty He Never Forgot, Arriving In Templeton Cove Over The Holidays With Some Unexpected News Scott Still Finds Carrie Irresistible, And He S Not One To Shirk Responsibility Scott S Issues With His Own Dad Make The Prospect Of Parenthood A Minefield But If He And Carrie Can Overcome Their Fears, This Christmas Could Bring Them The Best Gift Of All Love this smoldering Christmas romance written by my lovely friend, Rachel Brimble This is the first book I have read by Rachel and I will definitely be readingof them I love the chemistry between the main characters It is a book that I hated to put down.