Trailer ↠´ Fiery Passion (The Forbidden Darkness Chronicles, #3) PDF by ✓ Alec John Belle

Trailer ↠´ Fiery Passion (The Forbidden Darkness Chronicles, #3) PDF by ✓ Alec John Belle After The Unexpected Events At The End Of Shadow People, Heather, Hayden, And Their Friends Are Trying To Move Forward With Their Lives While Trying To Hunt Down The New Vessel Of The Darkness, And Trying To Avoid A Very Complicated Relationship, Heather Thinks She Can Keep Everything Under ControlUntil She S Taken By A Demon Named ZiminiarAs Hayden, Kadin, Philip, And Kristen Try To Find Their Friend, Heather Unravels Many Truths About The World She Lives In, The Core Of Her Being, And The True Origins Of The Monster Hunters In The Third Installment Of The Forbidden Darkness Chronicles, Secrets Will Be Exposed, Relationships Will Be Tested, And The Ultimate Betrayal Will Leave Fans BreathlessBecause In A World Where Demons Exist, Nothing Is Ever As It Seems I received an early copy in exchange for a honest review.
I was thrilled to get my hands on a early copy I ve been a big fan of this series and having waited awhile before this installment, I was excited to say the least Once I cracked it open all of my old friends came back to life Within the first chapter it felt like getting a nice warm hug after being gone for some time It was great see the old gang Heather, Kristen, Hayden, Philip, Frostbite and my favorite Kadin Heather and Kadin s sass game has been upped because they were on fire making me smile and a couple of times spit my water out I really liked the different point of views of Heather, Kadin, and Hayden I m actually really looking forward to hearing about Hayden because his story is intriguing I want of it so I m hoping we get to read about it soon I loved all the twists which to be honest I did not see coming There were a few times I found myself drooling because my jaw was still on the floor It was extremely well done and definitely worth the wait.
My favorite character was KADIN I just love him and his sassiness I feel like I can never get enough of him and was in love when he had his own point of view I mean seriously all the things he says is nothing compared to what he thinks about I loved how much he has evolved over the course of this series and can t wait to see how he ends up It is the first time that I had to sideline Heather for my favorite spot I still love her dearly though but man is Kadin funny.
I normally talk about my favorite moment at this point but it is too hard to do without giving spoilers and I don t want to ruin the experience from anyone The twists were my favorite so if you have read this book and want to talk about your favorite twists please leave a comment and we can discuss Overall, I recommend this series and this book to anyone who loves a fast paced, supernatural, with romantic twists and bloody scenes It is different sort of series that focuses on real life issues with a paranormal twist It is easy to relate to at least one of the main characters if not several I just love this series and can t get enough of it I will be pre ordering a copy for my collection and anxiously waiting for the next installment.