Ä A Dad for Her Twins ✓ Download by ä Lois Richer

Ä A Dad for Her Twins ✓ Download by ä Lois Richer Beautiful The Cowboy S New Family Widow Abby McDonald Is Pregnant With Twins, Suddenly Homeless And Has Nowhere To Go When Her Late Husband S Army Buddy Offers Her A Temporary Haven At His Family Ranch In Buffalo Gap, Abby Accepts The Handsome Cowboy S Hospitality She Knows That Cade Lebret, An Honorable Man With A Complicated Life On The Double L, Is Just Doing The Right Thing But When A Needy Foster Child Joins Their Makeshift Family, Abby Begins To See What A Kind, Loving Father Figure Cade Is Suddenly She S Dreaming Of Making The Lebret Family Ranch Her Home Forever Family Ties Bundles Of Joy Bring Couples Together I enjoyed A Dad for Her Twins a Family Ties series by Lois Richer Widow Abby McDonald is pregnant with twins Her husband died in a war The military wouldn t give her the money she deserved from his years of service His best friend Cade Lebret helps her by moving her to his ranch Cade s dad had a stroke and in a wheelchair A lot goes on in this book A must read.
5 stars I m always kind of tickled when I read books set in familiar locations This one was set in a fictional town in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies, and about 30 minutes away from Calgary I could just picture the area she meant, and that lent a sense of authenticity to the story.
I liked the main characters of the book, though sometimes I wanted to whup Cade upside the head for being just TOO obtuse Ahh, well grin He eventually did get things figured out.
There was one troubling part for me, though Ivor I liked him as a character, and how he was especially concerned for Abby s welfare, and how he was able to connect with everyone at the ranch However, it seemed like he was only mentioned when he was needed, and disappeared into thin air when he wasn t I know he was in school some of the time when the story was going on, but where was he during the climactic scene near the end It seemed like the author kind of forgot about him in places.
All in all, though, a sweet story.
Miniseries Family Ties Love Inspired Cute story.

I really enjoyed the storyline and the characters I do enjoy Christian based romance books but I found this one was over the top as it seemed to overpower the storyline sometimes reflecting like a sermon or preaching I rated it a 4 star The storyline throughout kept my interest and provided different suspenseful factors Abby and Cade were strong and willful, I was a bit surprised how it was approaching the end Abby in labor, and the twin s births tugged at my heart strings Mrs Swanson seemed to be the stabilizer at times and made me smile Ivor and Ed were also strong willed characters, though Ed I thought had a soft heart and wondered if it would ever surface for his son Strong will can driven by their emotional turmoil and personalities which reflected the main characters I loved the humor that was displayed at different times by them It was an enjoyable sweet romance Mayor Marsha glad she was part of it too This is the first time I have read Lori Richer s book and glad I picked up the first book in the series and I will give the next book a try in Family Ties series.
Although super grateful this was a clean romance, there was so much in it that wasn t realistic I normally appreciate the Christian themes in these books, but this one was like a sermon with a tiny romance on the side I just felt many of the characters conversations didn t ring true to reality The way problems were resolved also bothered me certain issues were dragged on forever, and then suddenly resolved in only a couple paragraphs