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[Natasha Thomas] ¿ Legacy (Devils Spawn MC, #7) [united-states PDF] Ebook Epub Download è I really HATE giving any kind of negative reviews but this book was something that I just couldn t even finish The grammar, editing, and formatting errors were absolutely horrendous I was unfortunately used to this due to my wanting to finish this series because I really liked the characters and storylines, but this was one of the worst Then, the reason I decided that I was done, was in a previous book I believe it was 4, maybe , Liam was introduced as having his younger sister and brother to take care of cause their mom was a drug addict However, in book 6, he was said to be the younger brother of Alysa, who was helping out the MC along with her other brothers who own the private security firm, EyeSee which is to be the authors new upcoming series Unless there were 2 Liam s in the MC, which was never mentioned before, then the author got the back stories of this character definitely confused Also, this is about the children to all the couples in the first 6 books, which wouldn t be a problem except for their stories are almost exactly like all the rest of the books in this series They all grow up as close friends and fall in love It was like several mini stories repeating the first 6 books, only with their children being the main characters The other thing I hated about this entire series, which I have mentioned it in previous reviews, was that the author uses their given names at the beginning of each chapter from their POV but throughout all the books uses their road names, hardly mentioning their given names, if ever It was confusing, especially when you have never heard what that particular man s given name was As I have said before, I really did like this authors talent, storylines, and characters, which was what had me coming back for the next book However, after this one, I just don t know if I will even attempt to try the next series It really is upsetting because I actually think it would be a great one.
Lovely view into the future I hate this series is finished it was so good I am so happy the author took us into the future with the children I love to see how things turn out You have to read this series I have thoroughly enjoyed it Now what else by this wonderful author Good Storyline It was fun to read how things turned out for the kids of the Devil s Spawn MC and their own kids Not crazy how the stories were split up but that s not to say they weren t good A good windup to this series FunThis was a fun read to follow our favorite characters children I gave it a three because there was so many mistakes, saying the wrong person etc I spent a lot of time having to re read to make sure I was understanding.
I wished they were separate I get that this was an unexpected book and meant to bring us some of the Devil s Spawns I soooo love these stories but admittedly, I wish that each of the couples had their own book I wasn t going to drip my rating down for that though Especially since I ve found an author worth following Off to another series.

ConfusingEnjoyed getting to know the kids , but in the telling of this storyA lot of what happened in the series doesn t match Especially the sixth book forge Saint and Tilly it ended with her pregnant yet when listening all the kids the Baby isn t mentioned and TuckerWas not Saints but Draggers hate when stories are left hanging.
Again a lot of typos in this book.
Great ReadA fantastic book that shows how the kids of Devil s Spawn grew up and what happened in their lives I loved this series Love this series I need stars What an amazing idea for the last book I loved that all the children found their one , and ended up happy The individual stories were amazing and were the perfect length I have to admit though, I cried at Priest s intermission My only problem was with Arrow He was one of my favourites, and now I m not so sure A great read and a great ending I will definitely be looking to read from this author Legacy Book The Final Epic Instalment In The Devil S Spawn MC Series Ever Wondered What Happened To The Children Of Devil S Spawn MC Well, Here S Your Chance To Find Out Follow The Lives Of Kane, Cody, Emmaline, Anna, Dakota, Kellen, Bryce, And Amalia As They Navigate Their Way Through The Minefield Of Lies, Secrets, And Deception On Their Road To What They Hope Is A Happy Ending Learning From Their Parents Before Them What Not To Do, They All Believed They Were Clever Enough Not To Fall Into The Same Traps However, What They Didn T Take Into Account Was No Two Stories Are Ever The Same, And That No Less Applied To Them Than Anyone Else Realizing Quickly That It S The Journey They Take To Get To The End That Matters The Most Some Decide To Give Up And Enjoy The Ride, But Others Well, Others Have A Harder Time Of Accepting Their Fate That Awaits Them At The Finish Line Sometimes You Put Walls Up Not To Keep People Out, But To See Who Cares Enough To Break Them Down Socrates This Book Is An Extended Length Novel As It Covers Four Couples In Total It Is Written In Two Parts And Contain An Intermission In The Middle At Approx Pages, And , Words, This Is A Compelling, Nail Biting read For The Current Die Hard Readers Of The Previous Devil S Spawn MC Novels, And An Excellent Insight Into The MC For All Those New Readers Out There Monica Langley Holloway, Illustrator