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Download Epub Format º Countdown PDF by º Heather Woodhaven I like the series Love Inspired Suspense does, and though these books aren t labeled a series or numbered, there are a few that go together and revolve around the McGuire brothers I read the last one first.
that happens a lot.
and loved it, so I ordered the others I think this one may be the third, and it was an awesome read I love books that involve kids and family, and this involved a dad on the run with his 3 year old twin boys and his neighbor Loved it, and looking forward to the others in the series BORROWED TIME When Rachel Cooper Witnesses The Abduction Of Her Neighbor S Young Twin Sons, She Springs Into Action To Save Them But Now The Thwarted Kidnappers Are After Her And Her Only Hope Of Survival Is Relying On Their Widowed Single Father, James McGuire A Weapon Has Been Planted On A Satellite James S Company Is Ready To Launch, And As The Systems Specialist, It S His Job To Stop It But Someone Is Set On Keeping James From Preventing The Scheduled Takeoff And They Ll Use Anyone Close To Him As Leverage Now He Must Find A Way To Protect His Boys And The Woman He S Beginning To Fall For Before The Final Countdown Can Even Start Great action packed story with surprises James and Rachel are neighbors and casual friends James is a single father of twins, who lost his wife to a hit and run driver Rachel was raised by drug addict parents and has worked hard to make something of herself One day Rachel sees James twins being kidnapped She Chase s after the kidnappers and helps to get the twins back What happens next has James, Rachel and the twins on the run due to something that happened at James job They need to figure out who to trust and how to stop a disaster from happening I received a free copy with no obligation.
I really enjoy Heather s books and I was thrilled to get this copy in the mail This book is well written, action packed, and full of faith I m sure you re going to love it.
Rachel Cooper is on her way home from a long day at her beauty shop when she witnesses the abduction of her widowed neighbor s twin sons She turns her car around and follows the van trying to stop the abduction Finally she ends up colliding with the van and saving the boys Her neighbor follows her and helps her and the boys after the crash Soon she realized that the kidnappers are now after her.
Widowed James McGuire is a system specialist at Launch Operations He found an anomaly planted in a satellite that could mean a weapon hidden in the satellite they were about to launch He loaded a virus to stop the launch He contacts his friend with the NSA about the attempted abduction The terrorist seriously injure his friend Now they seemed to be after Rachel thinking she was his girl friend He is sure they were out to force him to stop the virus he had placed in the satellite by using Rachel and the boys.
A journey of two people working against time to stop the destruction of life as they knew it Could they stop the launch Could James keep all of his loved ones out of the hands of these monsters God has a plan for Rachel and this broken family It is much greater than they had ever dreamed God has a plan for you too and it is awesome Just give Him your heart and control then sit back and watch Him work This book was very awesome The climax was thrilling.
An action packed high tech suspense The kidnappers are relentless in their pursuit never far behind no matter what evasive actions James and Rachel take as they race against time James is an endearing computer nerd Brilliant at work and a devoted father, he s somewhat bumbling when it comes to social cues and making conversation Makes for some interesting dialogue between the two Not that they have lots of time for casual conversation since they are constantly on the run I m exhausted just thinking about it A twisty turny plot with plenty of suspense and a tender romance make this a compulsive read.
Loved itGood Read, Rachel is on her way home when two men try to kidnap her neighbor s twin boys Due to her fast thinking she saved them That start the race to stop the bad guys Because of Rachel s childhood she do not think she is mother material, and James feel that became of the loss of his wife he will never love again But God had other plans It s good to know that God s plans are way better than ours This story has attempted kidnapping, murder, greed and the love of family.

Action filled drama from the first page This fast paced story of Rachel and her neighbor and his two sons kept me on the edge of my seat I could not stop reading, as I didn t want to miss a thing that was happening I finally took a breath at the end I really enjoyed Countdown by Heather Woodhaven.
I loved this book from the unique beginning in a quiet suburban neighborhood when the heroine saves the hero s children from a kidnapping attempt Plenty of action and excitement Not a slow moment in this book