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ï Lie with me ✓ Download by ï Sabine Durrant Lie with me is a real page turner of a psychological thriller, certainly for me the best one from Sabine Durrant I have read with its cool or hot if you like setting and taut, clever prose that just drags you right into the story and holds you there.
The story is told by Paul, a really divisive fellow, you sure are not meant to like him and I did not, who leeches off the people around him based on one successful novel years earlier His latest provider is Alice, a widow, who when they start a relationship invites him on holiday to Greece with the family Never one to turn down a freebie, off he goes But maybe this time he is not the one with the nefarious motivations It really is quite clever this novel because to be honest nobody in it is particularly lovely The plot bubbles with untold secrets, every conversation, every action is layered with insinuation, as the story unfolds it is totally gripping and best of all you really are not sure where it is going Rather than a Game of Thrones Everybody Dies vibe instead you have Everybody Lies true in real life as in this book, but Sabine Durrant plays with that so beautifully, leaving the reader with an off kilter, slightly disturbed feeling throughout.
Lie with me is a slow slow burn of a tale, the character interactions are loaded with the promise of future revelations, which when they arrive illicit a truly emotional response despite really hating Paul at times I did feel vaguely sorry for him The group dynamic once they all reach Greece is intelligently woven into the wider plot involving a missing girl and a long ago crime, the mystery elements are perfectly in harmony with the intense character studies The end, when it comes, is brilliantly placed and hugely satisfying basically this book simmers, comes to the boil, then goes BOOM.
I really loved this one It was clever, immersive and totally unsettling Beautifully done.
Wow talk about a SLOWWWWW read Surprise Surprise I am in the minority again on this book.
Lie with me by Sabine Durrant sounded like a compelling and addicting read that I had to get my hands on Well my hands were greedy and not pleased to say the least Honestly, I feel like this is going to be a book that you love or completely hate I, unfortunately am in the dislike category.
Paul, our main character yikes What a womanizer and an ass wipe Can we say Paul I m not exactly sure what came out of your mouth that wasn t a lie But, props to the author because I think this was her intention for the readers to hate the main character Paul is introduced the story and he runs into an old friend The old friend invites him to a get together and Paul ends up meeting another fellow lady at the get together Paul, selfishly invites himself on a road trip with this group and lies his way into everything I was asking myself seriously what the point is this After the final reveal at the end I just wasn t having it It felt extremely rushed at the end with the amount of boredom in 85 percent of the book 2 stars for me on this one I think if you have the patience and are a fan of slow building thrillers then this may be the book for you Overall, I cannot recommend this one and it was just not for me This is solely my opinion Thank you so much to Netgalley and the publisher for an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.
Publication date 1 11 18.
Posted to GR 1 21 18 I think 2018 is shaping up to be the year of theLiar Liein novels This one falls directly into the middle of the pack And unfortunately there is nothing concrete to set it off from the others.
Paul has always searched for the easy life He wants the most beautiful women and of course, if they have moneywell, that s just icing on the cake As you can imagine, Paul is not a very likable character When Paul meets Alice he lets a little lie slip in order to step into her world Of course, he can t stop at just one lie He quickly finds himself neck deep in his deceptions Even though this is a short book it s also very slow paced It s not until the final 25% that the plot finally takes off, leading to some major fireworks at the end Unfortunately, after such a long drawn out journey it just wasn t enough to save this book for me I never felt enough of a connection to the characters throughout.
A traveling sister read with Brenda and Susanne Thank you to NetGalley, Mulholland books and Sabine Durrant for an ARC to read in exchange for an honest review.
A few little lies never hurt anyone Right I quite enjoyed Lie with me what I would call a traditional character driven psychological thriller A slow burner, this took quite a while to reach its goal but when it did everything just fit perfectly and I enjoyed the ride to get there I didn t have a clue as to what the storyline was going to be about, having not quite delved into the blurb much, but I found it strangely intriguing as to where the story was going and liked how the story was set in both England and Greece Although the main character Paul, isn t someone you re drawn to in fact I don t think I liked any of the characters I still felt a sense of injustice for him even though a lot of his downfall was very much his own selfish undoing We know very early on that something has gone seriously wrong in his life and I was curious as to what that actually was.
Well written, easy to follow and an intriguing plot, I d easily read another book by the author Sabine Durrant and I would happily recommend this book.
Thank you to fellow reviewer and friend Rachel Hall for my copy of this book.
4 stars.
This book is the definition of a slow burn Though it was meandering along, it kept my attention because I needed to know exactly where it was going While not my usual kind of book, I m glad I read it mostly because of that ending, which was unexpected My armchair detective skills fail me again I d definitely recommend considering the pace of this book before you pick it up It s of a character study than a thriller, and it won t keep you on the edge of your seat but it is interesting It features a large and unique cast of characters I often read stories with a female protagonist who is damaged but likeable, so reading a story with a middle aged male character who is very hard to appreciate was something new He made me literally shake my head sometimes He s pervy, manipulative, and seems to be a bit of a pathological liar Will you root for him Probably not If you listen to Paul Morris, you ll assume a lot of things because he ll tell you He s successful, well off, a celebrated author, good looking, intelligent, sexy While his looks have granted him some luck with the ladies in his life, he s not successful and is in fact between places to stay as a middle aged man He gets by with help from friends, and when that fails, manipulating new ones He almost seems to have no conscience seducing a widow for a place to stay and creature comforts while admiring the body of her seventeen year old daughter What a skeez It s not long before he manipulates his latest conquest into giving him an invitation to vacation in Greece with her family and friends, and lie piles on top of lie He s basically making things up as he goes along, making it hard to keep track of who he s told what This vacation isn t a normal one, however It s the ten year anniversary of the disappearance of a teenage girl The group was there when it happened, and widow Alice has made it a personal crusade to find out what happened to young Jasmine and who is responsible Tensions are high, and this is bound to be a vacation no one in the group will forget I received a copy of this book from Net Galley and Mulholland books, thank you My review is honest and unbiased.

REALLY slow build up So slow I almost gave up on this But as I neared the last hundred pages, the light bulb came on and I began to understand why all the early chatter was necessary Then I started thinking back, finding the clues that I thought were just back story And like pieces to a puzzle, everything clicked You re not going to like the narrator of the story, Paul Morris You re not supposed to He s self absorbed, arrogant, boarish, and a first rate snob But he s also washed up, financially broke, and lonely.
This is his story to tell It might take a while to get to the point, but it s worth the wait.
ARC provided by NetGalley This is definitely one of those reads this year you shouldn t miss.
Once again this authors talent shines out in not only the plot, the story but also the way the characters are built within your minds eye.
Paul is the main character, a truly not nice person who you constantly question his demon, his life and his morals.
You go beyound questioning what aides his descisions on things.
There isn t a lot being given away in the blurb, that s a good thing It allows the reader unexpected surprises and acts as a reading learning curve along the way, it did for me anyhow.
Lie with me.
I always pick up on the title then wonder as I read it why the title was chosen I found out in this book.
Although there are a few characters within the folds of these pages, as you would expect from this author Sabine Durrant, she doesn t use unnecessary words just to make the story enhanced All of the pages are vital to the story.
I ve become a stalker in a nice way of this author, waiting in anticipation for each book she writes now.
My thanks to Hodder for sending me an advanced copy And special thanks to Veronique Norton.
Lie with me by Sabine Durrant is a thriller that upon first glance sounded like it would be one of those completely compelling reads However for me it just never grabbed me at all so I seem to be in the minority for this one being one that didn t really care for it.
We start off with meeting Paul whom I would probably best describe as a freeloading womanizer that is also a compulsive liar Strike one for me personally since I just didn t care for him at all right from the beginning but I believe this is one of those books where you are not meant to fall in love with the main character so the author certainly succeeded there.
After getting to know Paul we find that he has a run in with an old friend or someone he doesn t really remember really This leads to him attending a get together and meeting a lady friend whom he thinks he s way too good for but sees anyway This leads to inviting himself along on a trip with this group he s lied his way into.
So we have some things happen here and there We have Paul lying through his teeth at every chance he gets to interact with anyone it seems And we have myself wondering what in the heck is the point to the book by this point So we ll definitely say this is one that is a sloooooowwww burner which most that read my reviews know I usually have very little patience with so that on top of disliking the main character and not finding any other to connect with either really didn t help my opinion.
But, after all that is said I will say when eventually the entire idea of the book comes to focus to tie up the story at the end I actually kind of enjoyed it But when it took probably 90% to get to that section it was a tad too little too late to raise my rating and to be honest the wrap up felt a little rushed after the slowness of the rest of the story So this one just wasn t for me but others have enjoyed it so if a fan of a extremely slow building psychological thriller you may still want to give this one a shot.
I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.
For reviews please visit Death throws you, even if you didn t know the person well You sense your own mortality, feel the devil s own breath on your own cheek Well this was a surprise I was expecting an enjoyable, but not overly shocking thriller, but what I got completely through me for a loop.
It begins quite slowly, Paul is a bit of an asshole In his forties, living off of his mates, and not committing to any of his relationships Unable to date anyone over the age of 30, Paul is creepily attracted to younger girls I immediately didn t like him which worried me for the protagonist of a book, but disliking him is absolutely part of the plot When Paul s friend, whose house he has been living in, returns to reclaim his home Paul is forced out, with no money and no prospects He ends up moving home with his mother.
Then he bumps into old acquaintance Andrew, a man s whose sister Paul had a fling with back in uni From there he is invited to Andrew s house and meets Alice Professional, successful, emotional Alice Paul sees his chance to form a new relationship and potentially a new living situation too.
It turns out Paul and Alice have met previously Though alcohol seem to have deeply affected his ability to remember people and events 10 years ago, in Greece, while on holiday Paul bumped into Alice and Andrew while hideously drunk Switch back to the present and Alice and co are returning to Greece for a final holiday, on the 10 year anniversary of the disappearance of a young girl A girl whose parents Alice has been close to ever since.
Paul goes with them, seeing an opportunity to further woo Alice and cement their relationship I can t go on any without spoilers but let me just say, what happens to them in Greece, and the ideas you might have are nothing compared to the final reveal An absolutely fantastic twist proving that some people never really let go, and even those you trust might screw you overLong lasting damage can be caused by casual cruelty Thoroughly enjoyed this one OMG This was absolutely mental.
It Starts With A Lie The Kind We Ve All Told To A Former Acquaintance We Can T Quite Place But Still, For Some Reason, Feel The Need To Impress The Story Of Our Life, Embellished For The Benefit Of The Happily Married Lawyer With The Kids And The Lovely HomeAnd The Next Thing You Know, You Re Having Dinner At Their House, And Accepting An Invitation To Join Them On Holiday Swept Up In Their Perfect Life, The Kind You Always Dreamed OfWhich Turns Out To Be Less Than Perfect But By The Time You Re Trapped And Sweating In The Relentless Greek Sun, Burning To Escape The Tension All Around You By The Time You Start To Realise That, However Painful The Truth Might Be, It S The Lies That Cause The Real Damage Well, By Then, It Could Just Be Too Late Longlisted For The Theakstons Old Peculier Crime Novel Of The Year Shortlisted For The British Book Awards Crime Novel Of The Year