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[Rachel Marie Pearcy] ¸ Axiom [women-and-gender-studies PDF] Read Online ß THIS REVIEW CONTAINS MAJOR SPOILERS FOR Axiom THE LAST HOPE It s been awhile since I read a story so compelling I didn t want to put it down.
Pearcy creates a dystopian world full of fear A world where biological warfare and a war ravaged Earth forced everyone to flee to the moon under a tyrannical regime.
Ella and Carly are incredible and interesting characters and the friends they make along that way that both accept them and abhor them make this book so complex and wonderful.
Every twist and turn brought new insight into the characters and Pearcy fleshes them out really well.
I will say there were a few times where I felt like Pearcy fell into some issues with stereotypes Mainly when Ella and Carly speak ill of STEM subjects like math and science while their male counterparts excel at them.
And again, when Paige is made out to be a shrill mean girl with no redemption arc I understand that Paige was a strong candidate for that arc while her counterpart and husband, Phillip, was easier to redeem just in time to save everyone in the end However, those are the small nit picky things I have to say.
The relationship between the two main characters is heartwarming and fantastically written Pearcy is a compelling own voices author of lesbian romance, not to mention she truly captures the fear of abandonment and judgement people in the LGBT community can feel when outing themselves to their peers.
Carly is exceptionally well written and Ella is an excellent narrator.
I am a little sad Ella never gets to see her parents again even once everyone is settled in their new roles, but the ending was so sweet and amazing I m willing to overlook that little tidbit.
I can t help but think her dad would have made an excellent grandfather, though.
I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a truly compelling coming of age story that takes place on the moon.
5 stars.
Finally, All Parts Of The Axiom Series Come Together In One Book Generations Ago, The Human Species Was Driven To The Brink Of Extinction, Forcing Those Who Remained To Flee To The City Of Axiom A Utopian Paradise Where All Your Decisions Are Made For You The House You Live In, Your Occupation, And Even Your Marriage Arrangement Are All Regulated By The Assembly, Leaving The Pressures Of Free Will Far Behind You As Annabella Bower Enters Her Last Year Of Schooling, And The Final Step To Adulthood, She S Blissfully Unaware Of The Horrors Her Perfect City Hides, But All That S About To Change A Spark Between Ella And Her New Dorm Mate Carly Turns Her World Upside Down, And Opens Her Eyes To The Harsh Reality Around Them Suddenly She Can See Students Are Dying, There S A Rebel Group Rising Outside The School Walls, And If Anyone Discovers Her Relationship With Carly, The Consequences Are Dire With Graduation Quickly Approaching, Ella Will Have To Make The Hardest Decision Of Her Life Either Continue To Follow The Laws Of Axiom, Or Give Up Everything For Love Great dystopian storyWhat could be better than combining science fiction, dystopian future setting, AND a great lesbian romance story to drive the plot for the first half Highly recommended I liked a lot about this but overall it felt a little underdeveloped.
5 I really loved this book Great characters, interesting problems, realistic solutions If you re into YA dystopian novels this is a must read.
This book is so beautifully written R.
M Pearcy has pieced together a world ravaged by biological warfare to create a remarkably relatable, however forbidden, love story between two young women who wish only for one thing for the citizens of Axiom to be able to love whomever they love without fear of persecution This book will surely not disappoint.

This book was pretty well written and the world buiding and plot was pretty interesting There are some problems in my opinion though some characters go through not just character development but a complete revamp in a few weeks, there is one particularly who goes from zero to hero And there is also the matter of a rushed ending with a predictable outcome.
Overall i thinks this book scores above the average of the dystopian genre, due to the presence of strong female characters, plot twists and some dosis of forbidden romance.
I got this book as a giveaway at Goodreads First off, thank you to the author for a signed copy of the book This book was everything I expected and It was a great idea that was well written The only part of the book that I had questions about was what happened to Paige It s surprising how people change when they have the power The old adage of power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely held true here.