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[ Read Online Enslaved: True Stories of Modern Day Slavery Ó ethnic PDF ] by Jesse Sage Ó This was a difficult book to read the experiences of people who were enslaved were infuriating, depressing, terrifying, uncomfortable, sickening, etc I lost several nights sleep as my mind could not turn off the images brought on by the authors words Though I suffered while reading this book, it was nothing compared to the amount of suffering experienced by the authors and by millions of people around the world who are held in bondage I was surprised to learn that slavery still exists, and you probably are, too Modern day slavery is global and complex, and, unfortunately, it s thriving Please read this book or any other on the modern day slave trade, and educate yourself to become a modern day abolitionist.
As Americans, when we hear stories of persons being held against their will, or made to perform maid duties so they avoid a beating we think of foreign lands In reality, all it takes is a sick mindset and a teenage runaway The main situation spotlighted in this book was young women forced into slavery by the prospect of oversea high wage nanny jobs for the wealthy Once there, their passports are taken and sense of self raped away.
Popular Ebook, Enslaved True Stories Of Modern Day Slavery Author Jesse Sage This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Enslaved True Stories Of Modern Day Slavery, Essay By Jesse Sage Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please read And Make A Refission For You This is a fascinating, albeit disturbing, account written by a reputable investigative journalist His findings are insightful, provocative and often times surprising My qualm with the book is that he really doesn t provide any adequate or tangible solutions, so that the reader might react in a substantive way I understand that the issues surrounding slavery are complicated and therefore solutions tend to be complex However, if the book wants to have any impact on the problem then it should have offered some preliminary solutions upon which a reader could react I feel too many people will read the book, feel bad about the situation but will simply walk away from the issues.
We need not only listen, but respond by raising our voices A must read for anyone passionate about Human Rights and the welfare of man kind Sadly Slavery is not a thing of the past and still happens in many different forms Enslaved tells the accounts of seven different people who were subjected to slavery and one person who was born a slave holder but turned to abolition The stories all varied and were on different subjects showcasing the different forms of slavery that exist to this day At times Enslaved was hard to read and brutally painful to imagine that someone would do those thing to another human being I choose Enslaved in hopes that I would better understand how slavery is still occurring in the world today and ways I can step up to help stop it Despite the last chapter being ways to help stop slavery I do not feel that Enslaved was the best choice for learning about ways to stop slavery It felt like Enslaved is a starting point on learning on the subject Knowing what people have to deal with, even children, have me wanting to read on the subject especially books that have proactive ways in which I can help make a difference.

Eye opening With the exception of one of the narratives , these people s stories are both heartbreaking and inspiring I find it amazing that the state of modern slavery isn t a discussed topic The tales are horrific and I wouldn t recommend this to someone who has a hard time reading that sort of thing, but with that caveat, I d recommend it to everyone else return return There s a narrative from a woman who was abducted and forced to serve as a sex slave in the U.
S It bothered me that this was included in this collection because I don t see that as slavery It was kidnapping and torture Pure sadism Comparing it to the other ex slave s story that also took place in the U.
S one can see the difference But, I don t want to give away too many details here Even non fiction can have spoilers I think this was the 18th Human Trafficking book I ve read What I liked about this one that stood out from all the others, is we get a few stories from actual slaves from all different viewpoints, yet about three were live in maids in which one is a child , which I hadn t really read many accounts of before in the past We also get to hear about a labor camp prisoner survivor and a man who lived in a family that owned slaves but became an abolitionist Most books I ve read focus on the sexual exploitation part of slavery which is indeed cruel and disgusting but this book really had only one story like that which was a horrific account from a girl who was a sex slave from age 14 17 in the early 1980s It was a very good book and didn t give you statistics or try to convince and educate you, but just gave you real life accounts This was unique and I am glad I finally read it after wanting to for three years A great taste of what still goes on in the world Published in 2006, I can t believe that almost 10 years have gone by since it s release We have the full gambit of narratives here, from domestic slavery, to modern day concentration camps in China which I honestly had never heard of to incidents of sex trafficking that go beyond the typical American or Eastern story You can t read this stuff and not feel the need to respond When Isaiah talks about setting the captives free in the Old Testament, do we realize there are captives to set free in a very real sense There are people enslaved in our country and all over the world Time to DO something about that, and not let this information become one book on my read list.