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Rating 4.
5 starsI picked up this book at the perfect time, while I was going through a period of self realisation You can read about it in my mid year review Why perfect Because this book is all about Emma and her own self discovery Yes, there s a lot going on in it to do with boys and school and so on, but those aren t the point Editing Emma is about Emma growing up a bit And despite an age gap of almost 10 years yikes , I ve also been growing up, becomingof the adult that I should probably be already.
A belated disclaimer, but I ve actually met Chloe, the author Our first meeting was also when I was first told about the book, when she admitted to being nervous about the comparison of Editing Emma with Louise Rennison s Confessions of Georgia Nicolson series I was also hesitant to believe it I can remember being obsessed with those books when I was younger, and the bar was set really high But she shouldn t have worried because Editing Emma is hilarious Instead of a diary which is what Georgia kept , Emma keeps a private blog, which she updates throughout the day with whatever is going on Just the first chapter heading had me laughing out loud, so I knew I was onto a winner.
There are very clear parallels between Georgia and Emma in the beginningIn addition to a lot of laughs, there were plenty of damn straight and hell yeah moments Emma has mini rants about how guys get grossed out by periods, with this funny because it s true line thrown in If guys bled out of their penises for a week of every month, you can bet we d hearabout it.
I envied how open she was with her friends about periods and masturbation and so on Emma loved to love herself I didn t have that level of honesty in my friendships as a teen, and I think it s rare even now Wouldn t it be nice if society could just accept that girls have needs, too Given that we were introduced to all the other characters through whatever Emma wrote on her blog, they were surprisingly real I could actually imagine them and relate them to people I knew in my own experiences I liked how different each of her friends were, and how the guys were portrayed as normal guys, not villains Everyone in the book was flawed and made mistakes, but they were relatable and understandable mistakes I ve already come up with book titles for Emma s friends if Chloe ever wants to write books about them Except Steph Steph seemed pretty mature.
Overall, Editing Emma was a very satisfying read that made me laugh and evaluate my own life at the same time I feel like every book should aspire to make you think about your own life And as an added bonus, you can read the book wondering which of the hilariously awkward bits are inspired by real life events, because I ve been told that there are quite a few See this review in its natural environment, Dani Reviews Things.
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A cute angst riddled YA novel with a cast of characters that carry the authentic voices of actual teenagers Boy troubles, parental problems, and helping friends with their problems that is the life of 16 year old Emma Nash I can definitely see this appealing to a few of my grade 8 and 9 female readers Thanks to NetGalley for an advanced ebook in exchange for an honest review.
Don T Miss The Laugh Out Loud Novel Of The Year Online, You Can Choose Who You Want To Be If Only Real Life Were So Easy Emma Nash May Be Down, But After Months Of Wallowing, Stalking Her Ex Online And Avoiding Showering Because, Really, Who S Going To Care Emma S Ready To Own Her Newly Single Status, Get Out With Her Friends And Chronicle Her Dating Adventures On Her Private BlogBut Life Online Doesn T Always Run Smoothly Stumbling Upon Her Mother S Tinder Dating Profile, Getting Catfished And Accidentally Telling The Entire World Why Her Ex Boyfriend Leon S Not Worth Any Girl S Um Time Okay, Those Were DisastersBut Surely Nothing Else Can Go Wrong Filled With Fun, Flirty Encounters And Heartwarming Friendships, Dating Disasters Of Emma Nash Will Shock And Delight Scores Of Readers Looking For Something Fresh So, you know when a book is constantly blurbed as hilarious and laugh out loud worthy, and you get kinda anxious because the expectation is so high for this to be a Funny Book Well, for me, Editing Emma totally deserved this praise It s actually a miracle, because I find it really difficult to get on board funny books as they often feel like rehearsed skits to me But Emma s relationship with all of the guys she dates, her best friends and her mum hit all levels of enjoyment a the laugh in your headb the little smilec the really loud HA that disturbs whoever s next to youd the I need to read this to you, it s too good jokee the I m getting abs right now laughPlease tell me this is a series so I can continue to read about Emma I don t think I ve read alikeable character, honestly.
5 stars Editing Emma is such a refreshing read It is funny in all the right places, witty where it needs to be and honest Before picking up the book I had heard whispers of comparison to Louise Rennison s series and it took only a couple of pages for me to see why It is filled with hilarious anecdotes that are so relatable I couldn t help but cackle to myself.
Emma has been ghosted by her boyfriend Leon and after taking what she deems as adequate time for self pity, she takes to stalking him and his new girlfriend on social media Then Emma embarks on a new journey, one where she will edit her own life to pursue her own new romance with unexpectedly funny and touching results In true teenage fashion, Emma discovers a lot about herself in this book as well as about those around her There s plenty to make you both laugh and cringe in this hilarious set of blog posts.
It took only a few pages before I fell in love with Emma s voice She has such a refreshing voice and I ve not read one quite like hers in a YA novel for some time Written as a series of private or not so private blog posts, we truly get to grips with exactly who Emma is right from the beginning of the book I loved her edgy, sassy voice that, combined with some eye rolling moments and plenty of laughter, had me sucked in straight away The main reason I loved Emma was that she was so relatable.
Whilst there is a big focus on romance in the book Emma is, after all, trying to find herself a boyfriend it doesn t feel like it is pushed in your face The anecdotal style writing makes for a light, quick read whilst actually Emma is making leaps and bounds in character development I think a lot of teenage girls reading this book basing this on the teens that I know would really love the romantic aspects and reading about Emma s dates the good and not so good.
I loved how heavily weighted social media and the Internet were in the story I thought the book did really well to show both the positive and negatives of using the internet From approaching online personas and Internet safety, to online dating even finding your Mum on there and a bit of good old Facebook stalking which we are ALL guilty of there were definitely plenty of things to relate to for anyone of these modern times As mentioned, the book is written as blog posts so the Internet was sure to have a big feature but I think one of my favourite moments was when Emma had her devices taken from her and she had to live without the Internet She used the time to rediscover an old passion of hers and, whilst that may not happen for everyone, I thought it was a really nice way of showing that life isn t all about the internet and sometimes we all need to take a break.
This book also delivered in many ways that I did not expect it to and I think that s why I ve given it a high rating Not only is it a laugh out loud novel but it also covers so many topics that are often taboo in YA novels Emma openly talks about masturbation in the book, both privately in her blog posts and openly with her friends, and it was nice to see this put out there in such a way that doesn t make female masturbation embarrassing There is talk of periods, the societal pressures put on women to act or look a certain way eg to wear makeup or shave their legs my feminist heart was bursting to the seams with joy at reading certain parts of this book Level this out with really strong messages that despite the romantic nature of the book relationships aren t the be all and end all and you don t need to be with someone else to be happy and I was a very happy camper There is diverse representation in the book as well and discussion between the main 4 girls one of whom is a lesbian about why being straight has to be considered the norm Again, this book approaches topics I didn t think I would find within the covers and I was very happy to see these topics being discussed so freely.
The four main characters are all flawed in their own ways Emma certainly makes a lot of mistakes and it was nice to read a main character that is not deemed to be perfect It also shows that friendships are not always perfect, even within our closest friendships we will all make mistakes and that s okay Editing Emma shows that even after some pretty horrific mistakes within a friendship things can be fixed if you work on it and I think that s a great message to send out into the world It was also good to see a rocky relationship between Emma and her mother being explored and there was a scene towards the end that really brought a tear to my eye.
This book truly reignited teenage Kelly within me and I can t begin to imagine what it will do for the thousands of teenage girls out there who will read this Teenage Kelly would have fallen head over heels for this book and I can t wait to share it with some of my older pupils who will find so much of themselves in Emma.
Filled with plenty of laugh out loud, relatable moments and with a fresh new voice for the YA scene, Editing Emma is sure to capture many hearts Thank you to NetGalley, HQ and Chloe Seager for my advanced copy in exchange for a fair and honest review.
My ex is called Leon Neviem, i mi postupne odumieraj mozgov bunky, alebo som A TERAZ ment lne dozrela na humor Georgie Nicolsonovej ktor sa mi v teen rokoch FAKT NEP IL , ale smiala som sa NAHLAS NIEKO KOKR T Hrdinka sa nejak m sp sobom pubert lne str pni pred svoj m crushom a ja proste vybuchnem do smiechu Bo e Som dospel u dlho, nemala by som ma na viac Ka dop dne kedyko vek som Emmu vzala do r k, n lada mi behom p r str n st pla o 100% Emma sa po prvom rozchode rozhodne, e je as zbavi sa nekone nej priepasti v svojej dor anej du i, ktor v nej Leon svoj m krut m inom zanechal a vyd sa na dating spree Sk si veci, ktor nikdy nesk sila Nap sa niekomu, s k m sa nepozn Vyp ta si od spolu ia ky slo na sexy chalana Opi sa a da si divok bozk va ku na p rty FOR SCIENCE Cel kniha s tak kr tke denn kov z pisky ako z Denn kov princeznej aj Emma prekvapivo asto p e zo z chodov s kopou t ned ersk ch trapasov v t le tej spom nanej Georgie Nicolsonvej a okorenen rodinnou dr mou ako zo seri lov ho My Mad Fat Diary A ve k plus pre m a je, e view spoiler hrdinka na konci knihy iadnu ve k l sku nen jde, ale si uvedom , e nema chalana nie je iadna trag dia hide spoiler Editing Emma features the word masturbationthan any other book I ve read It s crazy, if you think about it, because most of what I read is contemporary YA The genre is supposed to be realistic It s supposed to tell stories of what it s like to be a teenager school, friends, heartbreak, family and everything in between, so you think there d betalk of sex Go you, Chloe.
When 16 year old Emma is ghosted by the boy she is dating they were dating, right She didn t just imagine it , she creates a private blog to write about the life and thoughts of this new heartbroken but refuses t0 be defeated Emma It s the perfect way to document the positive changes she s making in her life, from finding a boyfriend who will treat her right to stalking Leo s social media profiles Wait, no, she s definitely meant to be stopping that Continue reading this review over on Pretty books.
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5 This was super fun.
12 22 2018What does it say about me that I have to reread a book I read in May of 2018 because I can t remember enough details to understand its sequel original reviewIf you like Louise Rennison RIP and occasionally enjoy a silly romp about teen girls obsessing about boys and acting dumb as much as I do how else would I relive the sweet memories of me crying in a school bathroom over some pimply boy , this book is not a bad choice The humor is not as strong as Rennison s it doesn t land quite the same punch, but a lot of the same elements are here girl friendships, clueless dating, conflicts with ridiculous mom Seager s novel isexplicit and frank about sex too, which is a good thing I think I d totally readof these.