É Truly Madly Royally  Download by Á Debbie Rigaud

É Truly Madly Royally  Download by Á Debbie Rigaud The cover is really cute and I need beautiful royalty story in my life.
Full Review on The Candid CoverI have always been a fan of books about royalty, so I was naturally drawn to review Truly Madly Royally, which follows a girl who falls for a prince while studying at a prestigious college.
The book is a quick read for summer, and I enjoyed how it depicts what it is like to suddenly be in the media s eye As well, there are social issues discussed, such as race as Zora s classmates are mostly white and privileged, which make the story meaningful.
Zora is also a fantastic main character, and her activism is so inspiring She struggles with identity as she is caught between two different worlds, but I thought she handles the pressure of being in the spotlight and her difficult choices with maturity Ultimately, this is a cute and positive read that is perfect for younger YA readers.
i m a simple woman if the love interest is royalty, i m interested.
The ARC of this book was provided by the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review 3.
75 StarsFull review hereIf you re in the mood for a lovely royal romance this is the perfect book for you I deeply enjoyed reading from Zora s perspective She s truly witty and knows what she wants Her program for little kids was such a great idea to include in the book Owen was another great character that I loved reading about, I liked how he talked about the royal family and his life back home One thing I loved about this book was the absence of unnecessary drama, it was all pretty straightforward and I was so grateful for that I think this book is the perfect summer read it s cute, sweet and has got royals in it, what could you want It s part Princess Diaries, part The Prince Me, part Will Kate Harry Meghan, and part wholly its own Together, it added up to a delightful and charming royal romance.
I sort of insta loved Zora She grabbed my attention with her sharp wit and humor, but kept me there with her drive, ambition, and huge giving heart Her love and personal investment in her community was touching and inspiring, and I really delighted in reading about all her service projects and seeing her in action.
Her family was sort of fantastic too Her mom, brother, and step dad were really supportive, and I throughly enjoyed my family dinners with them The exchanges between Zora and her brother were so typical, yet special A great sibling relationship goes a far way with me, and I thought their verbal sparring was lots of fun I got to do a whole lot of stuff with Zora in this book too I attended a community festival, Taco Tuesday nights, a gala, and a royal wedding All while getting to watch Zora work towards her goals, and finding romance with a prince.
Overall This was a light and fun read, which also touched upon several issues, and left me laughing and smiling a whole lot ARC provided in exchange for an honest review BLOG INSTAGRAM TWITTER BLOGLOVIN FRIEND ME ON GOODREADS

Ah This sounds like a fun romp.
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If a fast paced, adorable, funny book that you can get through in a single summer afternoon is what you re looking for, then Truly Madly Royally by Debbie Rigaud is exactly what you need So many things happened within this book s 300 pages, but it never felt like anything was moving too quickly The pacing was perfect and helped keep things from dragging on too long or getting stale Every page was fresh and exciting.
Zora was really the perfect character She is strong and knows exactly who she is in such a fierce and admirable way I adored the snark she could bring out when necessary and how she was constantly trying to help the kids in her program It was also amazing to see her continuously learn about her culture and share her knowledge and encouragement.
Owen was just okay I started out really enjoying him, but he was very much a surface character What you see was all you got Zora had many layers to her and was so well developed that I expected the same from Owen He s cute and funny at times, but overall very drab and unexciting.
I rarely say this because I adore standalones, but I would love for Debbie Rigaud to write a companion novel I need royal drama and of Zora s hilarious jokes It s been a hot minute since I ve read a really good book about royalty, and I m so glad to say that Truly Madly Royally delivered in the perfect way A digital review copy was provided through Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.
Truly Madly Royally was a cute ish read that lacked a certain something to take it fully over the edge.
Zora is a modern day activist, socialist and do gooder.
Zora is attending a prestigious college to prepare for possible attendance in the fall While doing this she manages a community program, fully built on the back of an idea she came up with to better her community.
She s also in prep to receive awards for her work and grants hopefully fingers crossed to fund her program dutifully called the Walk Me Home Program Zora is what adults wish kids would be, and there is no hidden agenda involved.
While attending this prestigious school, she meets, Owen, the prince A chance encounter leads to public scrutiny Now she has to choose Is being close to the Prince worth all the hassle it s causing The worthiness is something the reader will struggle with Was it all worth it With a lack of cutesy moments, and overall depth outside of covert conversations and wry smiles one can t tell if it is.
The romance is severely lacking, only told in small sections and bursts though cute ish It doesn t carry the story and left this reader feeling a little short changed.
Don t be mistaken the characters are root worthy, but the romance was disappointing.
As far as the plot, though the book seems to have an agenda, it s slow getting there and leaves the reader feeling less satiated than expected It seems to get nowhere The ending is pretty meh in terms of the happiness factor It s a happy ending, but it s less happy and expectant.
With an almost ripped from the headlines plot, from an obvious Harry and Meghan supporter the book doesn t excite in the way an upcoming royal nuptial would.
What it doesn t lack, however, is black positivity Positivity, that will excite readers young and old by delving into historical facts True or not true, that is not clear without research and overall black joy, the book does an outstanding job of being black positive while keeping its authenticity.
Many young readers will relish in the inclusivity But it lacks oomph and romance.
The writing is good, but it doesn t make up for what it lacks.
Is it worth buying Sure Just don t lean too heavily on the romance the cover portrays 3.
5 starsI LOVED Zora who was such a queen but the love interest Owen was boring For a prince, he was sodrab Meh No chemistry Zora deserved better Owen, summed up, was justpolite He wasn t really charming He wasn t anything remarkable Zora is still awesome though, so.
5 stars for her Still cute v underrated Good lower YA reading rec Fiercely Independent And Smart, Zora Emerson Wants To Change The World She S Excited To Be Attending A Prestigious Summer Program, Even If She Feels Out Of Place Among Her Privileged, Mostly White Classmates So She S Definitely Not Expecting To Feel A Connection To Owen, Who S An Actual Prince Of An Island Off The Coast Of England But Owen Is Funny, Charmingand Undeniably Cute Zora Can T Ignore The Chemistry Between Them When Owen Invites Zora To Be His Date At His Big Brother S Big Royal Wedding, Zora Is Suddenly Thrust Into The Spotlight, Along With Her Family And Friends Everyone Is Talking About Her, In Real Life And Online, And While Owen Is Used To The Scrutiny, Zora S Not Sure It S Something She Can Live With Can She Maintain Her Sense Of Self While Moving Between Two Very Different Worlds And Can Her Feelings For Owen Survive And Thrive In The Midst Of The Crazy Find Out In This Charming Romantic Comedy That S Like The Princess Diaries For A New Generation