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[ Pdf Laws of Form ☆ womens-fiction PDF ] by George Spencer-Brown Î My math is a little rusty so it was a little hard to follow but there is some interesting stuff with some powerful applications.
This book of Spencer Brown is fascinating and a must read for everyone interested in fundamental questions about our universe, matter and time and our own existence.
To be honest, I found the book hard to read and understand because of its fundamentally different approach than what I m used to At the start I was completely lost reading the first chapters, due to Spencer Brown s way of carefully phrasing his ideas Reading the part where he applies his theorems, rules and consequences, the magic unfolded I was taken by surprise because his demonstrations were just that simple when he was using the machinery he had set up.
My understanding so far is that Laws of Form is a theory of logical reasoning capable of handling self referencing expressions Our own convential logic is not capable of that, leading to paradoxes and true theorems that cannot be proven as shown by Godel The LoF theory is complete and can be considered as an extension of boolean algebra similar to extending real numbers to complex numbers Logic based on LoF extends the set of logical values expressions can have, in such a way that self referencing is handled well, thereby leading to the completeness of LoF logic.
To quote Spencer Brown What is fascinating about the imaginary Boolean values, once we admit them, is the light they apparently shed on our concepts of matter and time It is, I guess, in the nature of us all to wonder why the universe appears just the way it does The interpretation of these imaginary logical values is an oscillatory value wave like , where the logical value switches from true to false over an imaginary time dimension This suggests a kind of quantum logic, where next to the value true and false there is a value that oscillates between true and false What is it good for In classical physics a particle is there or is not there But to explain our own universe one needs a cosmological theory that should be background independent and therefore self referencing So in such cosmological theory, next to these two classical states of a particle, based on LoF, there should be a state reflecting the oscillatory logical state This suggests that LoF would be a solid ground for building a cosmological theory of quantum physics.
Best EPub, Laws of Form By George Spencer Brown This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Laws of Form, Essay By George Spencer Brown Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please read And Make A Refission For You i m terribly sorry y all but i ve yet to become the type of person that i need to be where i can understand how math can describe the world i have to say that i ve somewhat fallen in love with or at least really wanted to the notion what s lovable is the apparent intention of ethical precision in description, that a described form is inferred through distinction but when the algebra gets going i get super lost i appreciated at one point he did observe the apparent descriptive incompatibility between the world and symbol, what s lost as text must describe along the one dimension of time and whereas i suppose math can analogize the same form across two or dimensions the stumble through my own ignorance was frustrating up until the pact of self reassurance i entered to return to this much later.
An excellent book From a single symbol which he calls a Mark of distinction, Spencer Brown manages to discern and derive principles of symbolic logic, number, topology and even a calculus of logic I believe the form he uses is referred to as a Lambda Calculus This book is written for the layperson and the mathematician alike It is quite readable by anyone with a decent high school education This book should appeal to anyone in a technical or engineering discipline.
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Der Text von Laws of Form stellt keine einzige Behauptung auf nirgendwo erz hlt er dir irgendetwas und doch wirst du, folgst du seinen Anweisungen absolut, ohne Frage oder Erkl rung oder vorgefasster Meinung, an seinem Ende alles N tige wissen Wenn das mal so einfach w re Auch wenn man sich M he gibt und mit einem Minimum an mathematischem und philosophischem Verstand und einem gewissen Vorwissen sich diesem Text zu n hern bem ht, kann man schnell an der Begrifflichkeit scheitern Und man fragt sich Verstehe ich unter Kreuzen wirklich dasselbe wie du Auf Seite 7 d.
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Profound, strange and fascinating Spencer Brown invents a mathematical formalism that is even basic than Boolean logic, but at the same time powerful Parts of it, in particular the beginning, reads like a religious text about the creation of the universe.
A little too offbeat for my taste I ll need to return to it after some practice with set theory.

One of the greatest books of all time The dude has Bertrand Russell, Stafford Beer, and Heinz von Foerster raving about his book It can t get better than that.
One of the most amazing and original studies of human thought ever written This book could be seen as the basis for describing the Mahayana Buddhist philosophy of dependent origination and nonduality The implications of Spencer Brown s work have yet to be appreciated because a western philosophy is still caught in some form of dualistic essentialist thought, and b because eastern nondualist thought has yet to appreciate his completely formal secularist approach The people who ve come closest to understanding Spencer Brown were the early cyberneticists and systems theorists such as Gregory Bateson, Heniz von Foerster, and Francisco Varela.