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[ Read Online Just the Way You Are à biography PDF ] by Max Lucado ¶ This is a beautiful book images and text align elegantly The only thing I don t like is the summary on the back of the scholastic edition of September 2000 which imposes a very Christian context which tells the reader that the king is really the Heavenly Father The images, by Sergio Martinez, do evoke Puritans who could be Dutch, English or from the United States.
I ve read a few children s books in my time, but I did not see the Christian subtext until I closed the book I was quite surprised.
At it s best, I think religious stories and language are metaphorical Anyway, that s what works for me.
This is another children s book from Max Lucado that contains a powerful message In a primitive time, five orphans live in a village For mutual support and protection, the five siblings had banded together The village was in a kingdom and when the king learned of their plight, he announced that he would adopt them and would be coming to take them away That announcement was met with great excitement and the children all decided to work very hard at honing their skills in order to impress the king One of the boys was an accomplished woodcarver, so he set out to create an astounding item of wood art One of his sisters was a painter, so she began developing what she planned to be a masterpiece Another one of the girls was a musician and she sat down and relentlessly practiced on her violin and mandolin A brother was a scholar, so he buried himself in studying all areas in depth That left one girl that had neither of those skills She was clumsy and no other recognizable skills However, she was very sociable and spent a great deal of time greeting new arrivals to the village, asking questions about their travels She made no distinction between the rich and poor, she talked to everyone One day, a rather nondescript man arrived at the village He was alone and he wore standard clothing and was riding a basic donkey, The girl was very kind to him, giving him what assistance she could, sitting with him while he rested for a few minutes The man then left to visit some people and he found them too busy to talk with him He then returned to the girl and revealed that he was in fact the king He told the girl that she was very special, for she had a kind and sympathetic heart The message is of course that even if it seems that you have nothing else to offer, expressing a kind and generous heart is something that nearly all people appreciate It is a great story that will touch the hearts of people of all ages.
One Of The Greatest Gifts Parents Can Give Their Children Is The Assurance That Mom And Dad Love Them Just As They Are, Apart From Anything That They Do But Telling Them Once Won T Make It Sink In Kids Need To Be Reminded Of It Over And Over, Until Those Words Get Inside Their HeartsIn The Same Way, Children Need To Hear Again And Again That Their Heavenly Father Loves Them And Wants To Spend Time With Them Even If They Re Not Wonderfully Talented Or Extremely Smart Or Exceptionally PopularThat Message Of God S Unconditional Acceptance And Deep Desire To Enjoy A Friendship With His Children Is At The Heart Of This BookJust the Way You Are, originally Published By Crossway books As Children Of The King, Has Been Newly Illustrated To Enchant A Whole New Generation Of Youngsters At The Same Time, It Gives Parents And Grandparents Fresh Opportunities To Write God S Never Changing Desire On Tender SoulsCombining The Warm Narrative Of Best Selling Author Max Lucado And The Classic Illustrations Of Award Winning Artist Sergio Martinez, Just the Way You Are Will Entertain Young Readers As It Teaches Them A Truth That Can Open Their Hearts To ChristThat Truth The Assurance Of God S Delight In Them Is A Blessing That Has Eternal Impact For All Children Of The King Everywhere Don t make me cry, your highness But God demonstrates his own love for us in this While we were still sinners, Christ died for us Romans 5 8 NIV Many find it hard to believe that the God who created the earth could love them Surely they must be worthy of His attention and love before He offers it willingly, they think However, the Scripture found in Romans, chapter 5, verse 8 clearly says that God loves even the unlovable, those filled with sin and with nothing of worth to offer Just the Way You Are written by Max Lucado and illustrated by Sergio Martinez previously published as The Children of the King tells the story of just such a father.
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com I thought it was a great book about five orphans who find that the king was to try to adopt them and will return soon Four of them who have talents worked hard on their talents so they have something to offer the king when does return after the villagers say you need to impress the king The fifth has no talents, but has a big heart She thinks she can t give the king her heart, so tries to ask her siblings if one of them can teach her his her talent However, when all of them decline saying, They are too busy trying to finishing their gift for the king The little girl starts to become hard on myself The king comes and ask the little girl if she can groom his donkey, she replies yes And goes and sit and talk with this man who she doesn t reliezed is the king When the king returns to adopt the five orphans the first four said, They are too busy trying to finishing their gift for the king But the one with no talents but with a big heart, she is only one that ends up getting adopted The reason that I like this book is that teaches the king who represents Heavenly Father loves us for us He knows that a big heart is the greatest gift you can someone.
This is a sweet and inspiring book I read it and I really think we can get a simple and yet so profound message Max Lucado really has a way with expressing the gospel in terms that everybody can understand This is a lovely book, everyone should read it at least once This is a story about a king who is going to adopt 5 orphans The story focuses on the youngest girl, who fears she has no talent and can make no gift for the king The story shows how her heart and love is her gift, and she s the one the king bonds with The illustrations are quaint, as the story takes place a long time ago I think this is great story to read to 3rd grader and older graders, it is a great story for kids about being accepted just as the way they are.

Five orphans are overjoyed when they hear that the King wants to adopt them The villagers tell them they need talents or things to impress the King so that when he comes he won t be disappointed, so they set to perfecting their talents, all except the youngest sister, who isn t quite sure that she has a talent.
This is a sweet, sweet little book I read it and had tears in my eyes, the message was so simple and yet so profound Max Lucado really has a way with expressing the gospel in terms that everybody can understand This is a lovely book, everyone should read it at least once Taken from my book reviews blog read 5 6 14 Max Lucado s books for children are exceptional, every child deserves to have them read out loud to them and every parent deserves to experience their message.