Trailer ¾ Globalization and Diversity PDF by ✓ Lester Rowntree

Trailer ¾ Globalization and Diversity PDF by ✓ Lester Rowntree this was one of my elective textbooks for college.
Globalization and Diversity Offers A Contemporary Approach To World Regional Geography, Acknowledging The Geographic Changes That Accompany Today S Rapid Rate Of Globalization It Gives Students Access To The Latest Ideas, Concepts And Theories In Geography While Concurrently Developing A Strong Foundation In The Fundamentals Of World Regions This was required for a class As far as textbooks go, I liked it The layout was predictable and consistent and made note taking easier There are interesting pictures and maps that help with understanding the text I ve got an A so

This is pretty good textbook It provides a lot of information I really enjoyed the supported materials that accompanied the book.
This was for my Geography and World Affairs course at Brigham Young University, which is required for my Major.
I thought the readings were indeed insightful and all Coming to an awareness of the world, the concept of globalization, the different diverse cultures, societies, governments, economics, physical geography, and so forth.
I found the chapter on Central Asia to be interesting to read about, and how the authors acknowledged the controversy of making a Central Asia region I found Tibet to be interesting, as well as going over Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, and the much fought over Kashmir.
Strangely for this semester, with all the trouble that s going on in the Crimea Pinensila, Ukraine, and Russia, my class was going over the whole Russian Domain which also bears its own chapter in the book.
The only complaint I have with the book is the liberal bias that came with it There are some omitted historical facts or time period amnesia in the chapter on North America It talks about how the Mountain Pinebark Beetle has affected the forests in the United States, but they seem to have forgotten the fact that this infestation occurred because environmentalists complained about the use of a pest control chemical called DDT The downside about the chemical, supposedly, is that this chemical affected mother birds who were nesting, and the chemical would cause the eggs to be soft So when the mother bird would sit on the eggs, the eggs were crushed But, instead of figuring out a solution for the insect infestation, it was rather neglected and the forests became prone to have diseases and the such.
I also noticed while reading about the slave trade that occurred the colonization of the Western Hemisphere, that the authors failed to mention that Africans had often enslaved other Africans Interesting how the authors manipulate the historical facts to fit their leftist agenda.
As a warning, this book does contain the satanic beliefs and teachings of socialism The writings throughout the book seem in favor of Marxism I also feel that this book contains plenty of nuanced anti American sentiment.