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[ Read Online Lily Quench and the Treasure of Mote Ely (Lily Quench) ✓ wwii-related-fiction PDF ] by Natalie Jane Prior ì Rating 5 5If time travel gets too confusing, I don t like it, but in a children s novel, that s not usually the case, so I ve always quite enjoyed the idea of Eye Stones in the Lily Quench series.
Starting off simply with Lily planning a nice visit on her island, she is suddenly kidnapped in the middle of the night through an Eye Stone, a magical device that can take people anywhere and anytime In this case, Lily is taken three hundred years back in the past to Mote Ely, a castle in the middle of a creepy swamp.
Enter a fun cast of new characters and a creepy new villain as well, and we ve got another great Lily Quench adventure Apart from the Magicians Pyramid 5th book , I m pretty sure that this was my favourite book of the series as a kid Looking forward to re reading the rest of Lily s adventures, but also appreciating this one a lot.
Kidnapped And Taken Back Into The Past To A Crumbling Castle In The Middle Of A Creepy Marsh, Lily Quench Searches For The Long Lost Treasure Of Mote Ely And A Way Back To Her Own TimeLocked In A Dungeon, Attacked By A Dragon, And Befriended By Her Eccentric Great Great Great Great Grandmother, Lily Finds That Enemies Can Sometimes Be Friends And That Old Friends Can Unexpectedly Turn Into Enemies Cool Story, it didn t mess up the time travel so much, though i didn t understand why Matilda s ghost had to be sighted around Still, an interesting story Gordon s improved slightly, but there always will be an annoying character Rabbit.
Great continuation of the story.
Seems to me Lily becomesof a passive observer than an active hero in this book I m hoping book four in the series will redeem her Nostanding around waiting to drown or have someone rescue her she should have at least been looking for a way out of her predicament this book is adventures to me

I read this book for the character of Gordon, which I came to love in the previous book Lily Quench and the Black Mountains.
So I must say that I didn t get much of what I wanted, cause there is very little of him in this book I hope to havein the last book in the series Lily Quench and the Search for King Dragon.
i was quit disapointed in this one with the other ones they were good i thought that this would be great but my expectation changed after we got in the middle and thing just went to rubish and they didn t know where to go after woulds