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[Shoshanna Evers] Á Punishing the Art Thief [hierarchy PDF] Ebook Epub Download ã A great, steamy read Fun, naughty, quick read Perfect for that in between story to break up your other readings Shoshanna is my new Queen of the erotic novella s I have read two previous novella s and enjoyed them both, Punishing the Art Thief is no different.
Clearly erotic, naughty, and BDSM Simple yet clear story line A definite prose through out The writer s style is quick, detailed where it needs to be, and flows from chapter to chapter with no stalling Just as a novella should be.
Melissa is an art history professor, clearly passionate and willing to go to great lengths to view beautiful private collections James is the security detail assigned to the event and a former student, though Melissa does not remember him.
In her quest for the private viewing, Melissa crashes an event she obviously was not invited to nor can afford This is where the story takes off and starts moving quickly We have a missing Rembrandt, a naughty frisking, blackmail, consenting tryst s, heated spankings and other fun naughtiness, as well as an obvious attraction between the two The sexual scenes were detailed and rather explicit but not to the point where you were turned off, they were page turning and left you with a smile on your face and naughty thoughts on your head.
Nicely paced novella, complete from start to finish Enjoyed the erotica as well as the couple, definitely felt the chemistry between them.
Shoshanna Evers is an erotic romance writer who holds her own and delivers every time.
Fun, fast read that was so hot Art History professor Melissa Dwyer is an old hand at crashing parties where new art will be unveiled But her luck at never getting caught runs out when she crosses path with security guard James Tannen, who took one of her classes a few years before James lets her crash the party, but when Melissa spots a priceless stolen Rembrandt and decides to make off with it, James loses his job.
Now James is on the hunt, but not for revenge He promises Melissa that if she spends the weekend with him doing what he wants, he won t tell a soul about her stolen painting It s blackmail and he knows it, but after years of wanting her, James isn t about to let Melissa get away Armed with some sexy toys and a few erotic books from Melissa s library, James will use the weekend to convince his luscious art thief that his brand of punishment is exactly her style.
I love a good thief tale, which is why I eagerly snatched up Punishing the Art Thief A stolen Rembrandt and a hunky security with a kinky side sounds promising, no Shoshanna Evers definitely wields kink well, though labeling Punishing the Art Thief as BDSM, to me, seems a misnomer Still, the story is sexy, though sadly I never grew attached to either James or Melissa They weren t unlikeable people, but Ms Evers never gave me anything to actually like about them either Because of this middle ground, the romance in Punishing the Art Thief fell a bit flat for me I saw the protagonists sexual connection, but for me, it was a case of tell rather than show when it came to the emotional Overall, I found Punishing the Art Thief to be a fast and erotic story with a satisfying ending Reviewed for Joyfully Reviewed.
I m already partial to Shoshanna s works and enjoyed reading this book, her first published novella As with many of the erotic romance shorts I ve read of hers, this story also sucked me in right away I meet Melissa Dwyer, an art history on a salary too low to attend art world parties, who bumps into a former student turned security guard, James Tannen Drawing upon their prior affiliation, Melissa sweet talks her entry onto the premises and discovers a famous authentic painting hidden behind a closed door Taking it with her, she quickly leaves the party.
Realizing Melissa is behind the theft, James takes matters into his own hands and blackmails her Noting Melissa s bedside reading has BDSM flavors, none of which she has actually tried but from which James draws inspiration, he sets the agenda for the weekend Melissa should be punished by being his submissive.
Punishing the Art Thief is a sexy read with BDSM themes with a nice twist at the end definitely a read I recommend.

Wow That s the first thing that popped into my head I ve read many books by Shoshanna Evers, so I m not new to her work, but this novella is really one of her best I m very surprised to read this was her first published novella and that just reminds me of how extremely talented a writer she is Like many of her erotic shorts, Punishing the Art Thief just has two characters Melissa is an art history teacher, who can t afford to attend lavish parties in the art world , so she sneaks into them One night at such a party, she discovers a priceless work of art When she steals it from the owner, she is caught by security guard and former student, James James decides to blackmail her by making her his submissive for the weekend Feeling she is without a choice, Melissa goes along with it knowing bdsm has always been a secret fantasy of hers.
I m so glad this book was re released It is definitely one of my favorites now, which scenes so hot, I found myself going back to reread before I was even finished with the page Punishing the Art Thief is a bdsm erotic romance I will be recommending and reading again and again.
Clare C s Review This was a cute story that moved extremely fast Melissa isn t really an art thief, but James does catch her taking the painting As a security guard, he loses his job over the incident, but the revenge he exacts from Melissa is consensual.
Many of the scenes were quick, though the author does slow down a little for the erotic ones If you are a person who likes a story with fewer narrative details, then you ll love this story I liked the plot and the writing, but I did wish for emotional insight into the characters Overall, it was an enjoyable read.
3 Tea Cups Melissa stumbles upon the painting of her dreams, but stealing it leads to a blackmail, one that she can t say no to even if she wanted to James finds the opportunity he s wanted for a long time when his old teacher turns up at his work The chance encounter leads to smexy time Smutty fluff, ropes and spanks and a couple made for each other.
For the reader who finds D s punishment tales erotic Very arousing Security Guard James Tannen Has Been Lusting After Art History Professor Melissa Dwyer Since He Sat In On Her Class Three Years Ago She Crashes A Private Art Unveiling At His Employer S House Then Costs Him His Job By Stealing A Previously Stolen Priceless Painting She Ll Do Anything To Keep The Painting For Herself And James Will Do Anything To Get Melissa Into His BedThey Agree That If She Spends The Weekend With Him, He Won T Tell A Soul About Her Stolen Masterpiece It S Blackmail, But It S Also The Perfect Excuse For Melissa To Get To Know James He Takes A Few Of Her Erotic books For Research, Even Though She S Never Tried Any Of The Risqu Sexual Techniques She Reads About And Masturbates To Bondage Nipple Clamps Butt Plugs SpankingIf James Is Using Her Personal Book Collection As A Script For Their Weekend Together, Melissa Knows She S In For A Wild Ride