☆ Duel at Araluen (Ranger's Apprentice: The Royal Ranger) ☆ Download by Ç John Flanagan

☆ Duel at Araluen (Ranger's Apprentice: The Royal Ranger) ☆ Download by Ç John Flanagan I hat those people that give away a book or movie before I get to enjoy it.
From the first time I met Flanagan s Ranger s Apprentice it was a bit predictable So if you don t like that sort of thing well this book and all the other ones I read by Flanagan are not for you but if the little guy or in this case gal beating the bad guy is up your alley so is this book Well in this books case it might be best to at least read The red fox clan first as it sets this one up.
International Bestselling Author John Flanagan Returns To World Of Ranger S Apprentice In This New Installment Of The Royal Ranger Series Starring Maddie, Will Treaty S Fearless Young ApprenticeKing Duncan And Princess Cassandra Are Trapped In The South Tower Of Castle Araluen And Under Near Constant Attack From The Red Fox Clan Sir Horace And Ranger Commandant Gilan Are Holed Up In An Old Hill Fort, Surrounded By The Enemy And Ranger S Apprentice Maddie Is The Only One Who Can Save Them AllWith The Help Of Hal, Thorn, And The Rest Of The Heron Brotherband, Maddie Will Have To Break Her Father And His Men Out Of The Hill Fort, But Will They Reach Castle Araluen In Time International Bestselling Author Of The Ranger S Apprentice And Brotherband Series, John Flanagan Returns In The Captivating Next Installment Of The Royal Ranger Series The Royal Ranger Duel At Araluen Perfect For Fans Of JRR Tolkien, Brian Jacques S Redwall, And George RR Martin S Game Of Thrones Even though these books are written for the younger generation, as a retired adult I truly love reading this series The love of family and friends, comradery, and the fight of good against evil makes it hard to put the book down Young or old you will enjoy reading this series and as well I would suggest the accompanied series The Brotherband.
I purchased both full sets, Ranger s Apprentice and The Brotherband for my grandson Of course, I read them first Now, my granddaughter is reading them She loves to lay in my bed and take turns with me reading chapters aloud A wonderful bonding experience.

I ve been reading everything Ranger Apprentice the side stories and Brotherband included since JF has been first writing them Spent a lot of time as a kid waiting in book stores for the latest release.
With the above in mind, the story and writing of both this and the predecessor felt rather lack luster, and to be quite frank, I felt as if I was reading fanfiction.
JF key strength in his writing is showing and not telling with how his characters grow we saw this rather quite well with Will, Cassie Evelyn, Horace, etc Cassie in particular was a remarkably well done heroine in the original series as we really got to see her transform from scared and barely alive fugitive princess on the run from Morgoth in the earlier books to a strong leader in the later ones.
I think that JF has deviated away from that show not tell mentality that made characters relatable and exciting to watch as they develop Our heroine her just simply feels over powered, and with each subsequent book I find myself finding her to just kind of be bland.
The book itself is of decent read, it just doesn t feel like a Ranger s Apprentice book and like a book set in the Ranger s Apprentice world.
This book finishes the adventures of the previous book, brining down Dimon who has taken over Castle Arulean trapping the princess and her loyal followers in the south tower Maddie, the royal ranger, having made some discoveries about the castle escapes and helps her father escaple his entrapment at the fort with the help of the Scandians and come to the rescue of his wife, the princess The only reason I am not giving it 5 stars is that the themes although unpredictable themselves, are getting slightly old and predictable.