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Í Read Å On the Principles and Practice of Conducting (0) by Markand Thakar ñ This Book Is A Practical Manual For Anyone Who Stands On A Podium Helping An Ensemble Make Music The Four Main Chapters Address The Major Obligations Of The ConductorBringing The Musical Tones To Life In The Most Beautiful, Most Moving Way PossibleFreeing The Mind To Fully Absorb All The TonesFreeing The Body Of Unnecessary Tension AndEffectively Using The Freed Mind And Body To Influence The Sounds Each Chapter Begins With A Summary Of The Underlying Principles, Presents Real Life Applications, And Offers Exercises For Developing Skills Video Demonstrations Of The Exercises As Well As Downloadable Scores And Parts Are Available On A Companion Website The Parts, In Multiple Transpositions, Allow For Hands On Experience Where Standard Instrumental Complements Are Unavailable Markand Thakar Is Music Director Of The Balti Chamber Orchestra A Protg Of The Legendary Sergiu Celibidache And Former Assistant Conductor Of The New York Philharmonic, Thakar Leads Annual Conductor Training Programs That Draw Students From Around The World He Is Author Of Looking For The Harp Quartet An Investigation Into Musical Beauty University Of Rochester Press,And Counterpoint Fundamentals Of Music Making Yale University Press, This book is not only a testament to Markand Thakar s unparalleled genius, but also one of the great privileges that society has to offer On the Principles and Practice of Conducting transcends all other conducting books in its quality, scope, and importance The book first redefines and enhances our understanding of music then it shows us how to apply that understanding to physical motions in order to express the totality of music then it discards myths that have persisted in conducting literature for the past hundred years.

A brilliant, concise book about the art and craft of conducting I have read everything written about the profession for 20 years, and this is one of the best to my knowledge, it is the only book currently in print which outlines the technical system of the late Sergiu Celibadache There are wonderful exercises for freeing the body, and great advice on achieving and maintaining optimal physical mental health in this field However, the greatness of the book lies in Maestro Thakar s philosophy of the craft There is no ego here It is all about meeting the musicians at the sounds , assimilating the score to such a degree that it comes off the page and becomes a living, organic reality A lifelong quest, to be sure, and a very, very high bar indeed, but one well worth keeping in mind at all times I heartily recommend it to all conductors and musicians I have read no clearer andcompelling statement of what music is, can be, and should be, nor of what conductors should strive to do and be.
Markand Thakar is an absolutely first rate conductor see his performances with the Balti Chamber Orchestra on YouTube for evidence , and he has produced a thoughtful, lucid, and compelling book The first chapter dealing with beauty and energy is worth the price of admission on its own Thakar s ideas continue to inform my music making long after reading this text Disclosure I studied with the author for two years at the Peabody Conservatory.