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[ Read Online Selections from the Writings of 'Abdu'l-Baha (Talks) æ addition PDF ] by Abdu'l-Baha ✓ This book will help anyone who is tired of parisitic preachers and needs to deal with religion in a way that doesn t blindfold them to reality or make them suckers for wolves in sheep s clothing There is no contradiction between true religion and science When religion is opposed to science, it becomes mere superstition That which is contrary to knowledge is ignorance Through this book, Abdul Baha a.
a Abbas Effendi shows how you can beleive and think at the same time.

Selections from the Writings of Abdul Bahaby Abdul Baha This book is a pure gem for those who are seeking a deeply spiritual book that will also help them understand and appericate the spritual realities underlying the basis of religious belief Abdu l Baha , son of Baha u llah, Prophet Founder of the Baha i Faith, and his recognized successor, gives a spiritual direction to modern life unlike anything most people maybe accquainted with The selection of Abdu l Baha s writings cover a vast range of subjects comparative scripture, Biblical prophecy, alongside some prayers for contemplation This book is a goldmine of love and inner peace But in addition to the Baha i teachings on marriage, family life, the sufferings of Baha u llah in prision, the Covenant between God and humanity, and many other topical subjects, some directly to women Few will doubt the richness of the book or the simplicity of his teachings Few will doubt dignity of the author after they finish the book It is hard to imagine that the author was in prision for much of his life, suffering alongside Baha u llah, for these beautiful teachings I strongly recommend this book to those who want to sense the spiritual character of life, and who also want to find faith within today s hectic lifestyle Selections from the Writings of Abdu l Baha will definitely give you a renewed sense of fufillment and renewed hope for the future Few books are as illuminating or as inspirational as this.
Selections From The Writings Of Abdu L Baha Is A Timeless Collection Of Writings, Containing Spiritual And Practical Guidance For All Aspects Of Life This Compilation Of Correspondence And Other Written Works Of One Of The Central Figures Of The Baha I Faith, Covers A Wide Range Of Topics The Wisdom Imparted In This Volume Remains As Timeless And Relevant Today As When It Was First Committed To Paper