Trailer ¼ St George and the Dragon: The Legend of Saint George and the Dragon (English Edition) PDF by ¼ Mark Watson

Trailer ¼ St George and the Dragon: The Legend of Saint George and the Dragon (English Edition) PDF by ¼ Mark Watson St George And The Dragon The Legend Of Saint George And The DragonSt George Is The Patron Saint Of Over Countries Worldwide Each Country Celebrates St Georges Day With Differing Traditions, The Story Is Never Out Of Fashion And Grows In Popularity Each YearSt George Is The Patron Saint Of Aragon, Catalonia, Ethiopia, Georgia, Greece, Lithuania, Palestine, Portugal, And RussiaSt George Is The Patron Saint Of Soldiers, Archers, Cavalry, Chivalry, Riders, Saddlers, Farmers And Field Workers St George Is Also The Patron Saint Of Scouting As He Was Typical Of What A Scout Should BeWriter Mark Watson Has Researched All The Legends Of St George And Taken The Parts That Are The Most Common Putting His Doubts And Fears In A Box, Giving The Princess A Rose And Discarded Theboring Aspects To Create The Definitive Version Of The LegendAny Extraneous Parts Have Been Trimmed Such As The Princess Entering A Lottery, Saint George Recovering Under An Orange Tree Etc To Make The Book Very Lean In Its Storytelling, St George Arrives, Sees The Destruction, Fights The Dragon And Is Defeated, Recovers And Ultimately Triumphs, Like A Hollywood Movie, It Is The Classic Three Act Structure Roses Became A Symbol Of The Patron Saint Because A Beautiful Bloom Is Thought To Have Grown On His Grave This Also Came From A Tradition In Catalonia In Spain Of Which Saint George Is Also A Patron Saint Where Women Would Give Men A Book And Receive A Rose In Return On The Feast DaySt Georges Day Is Typically Celebrated On April RdThe Illustrations Of St George And The Dragon Have Been Done By German Artist Richard Caine, Each Image Has Been Handpainted In Acrylic This Is The Culmination Of Almost A Years WorkThe Story Of St George Is Written In Verse, Like All Mark Watsons Childrens books The Verse Is Constructed Of Rhyming Couplets In Perfect Rhyme Thunder Splits The Air, Lightning Flashes All Around,from The Pit Beside The Castle Comes A Frightful SoundThe Rolling Clouds Of Poison, Churn And Tear Apart,from The Mighty Thump Thump Thumping Of A Giant Dragons HeartThe Dragon Rises From The Gorge, Filling All The Sky,he Sees Himself, A Tiny George, Reflected In Its EyeWho Are You The Dragon Asks, Have You Come Alone Its Voice Is Pure Evil, Like Bone Scraping BoneThis Knight Of The Crusades, Holding Lance, Shield And Bladesits Upright Upon His Horse, Grim Yet UnafraidIve Been Abroad But Now Im Home My Name Is George, I Stand AloneThere Is No Army Only I, Ill Fight And Win Or Fight And DieWhat Are You Waiting For Grab Your Copy NOW read This Book For FREE With A KINDLE PRIME, KINDLE LENDING Or KINDLE UNLIMITED Membership