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[Susan Gammage] ✓ Getting to Know Your Lower Nature (English Edition) [home-economics PDF] Ebook Epub Download ✓ Most Of Us Dont Like To Think About Our Lower Nature But Abdul Bah Compares It To A Death Dealing Drug If Its So Dangerous, Shouldnt We Begin To Understand It And Learn To Manage It If You Are Looking For Solid Solutions Based On The Bah Writings, This Is An Important Book For YouIn It You Will Discover A New Way Of Looking At Yourself Learn How To Pay Attention To Your Thoughts Learn How Idle Fancies And Vain Imaginings Cause Illness And Disease Find Spiritual Tools To Transform Any Thought Into A Virtue Learn How To Take Back Your Life See How To Transform Negative Thoughts Into Peaceful Ones Understand Where You Have Choices And How To Make Them And Challenge The Habits Of Thought That Keep You Addicted To The Death Dealing Drug Nowhere Else Will You Find This Approach To Getting To Know Your Lower Nature, Straight From The Bah Writings When You Learn To Apply The Divine Remedy, There Is Hope For A Complete Recovery This book has been written an active member of the Baha i Faith and generally the book would be most relevant to a member of the Faith, however, the wisdom of the Baha i Writings, coupled with the incredible insight from the author, whose life experience has shone through the advice like a beacon of light, is perfectly applicable to people of any religious persuasion or no religious belief at all.
The author has experienced a range of horrendous life experiences, that caused immense pain and a lack of direction in life, as she tried to make sense of what had happened.
By researching and applying the wisdom of the Baha i writings to her own situation she was able to find solutions to a range of common personal problems and these solutions are contained in her range of books.
I have bought and read all of the authors books available onKindle version Letting Go of Anger and Bitterness Getting to Know Your Lower Nature Making Friends of Sin and Temptation Learning How to Be Happy, Learning to Forgive and Strengthening Your Relationship with God.
Each of these books is so thoroughly well researched and so easy to follow and each of the books takes you on a journey of understanding.
I had to keep coming back to passages and insights, as I gained new and deeper understanding ofI found these books while I was exploring my own issues, and I came away from having read each and every one of them, feeling inspired and feeling as if there was someone who was able to understand some of the deeper thoughts that a person thinks.
I also read these books as I was coming back to the Baha i Faith after a long time away and having something so simply laid out to make sense of so many of the personal issues, I was struggling with was simply like a breath of fresh air.
I can thoroughly recommend all of Susan Gammage s books without hesitation.